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I went to Tampa this weekend for my birthday and I stayed with my sexy friend . It had been way too long and I was so excited to see her! We had lots of girl time together and we were both very horny from the night before from our girls sleep over. We had fun sleeping in bed together! The next morning I told Alysha I wanted her to stretch my pussy out with some of her monster dildo toys so I can get used to all the big black cocks that I like to fuck. She was more then have to do it for me! She had a beautiful house and in the middle of her living room is a sex swing. I couldn’t wait to try that out! My first time getting in one of those. First we went into her enormous closet of toys and she told me to pick out anything I wanted. I picked out 5 toys from smallest to largest. The smallest is the size of the biggest one that I’m use to and then I went from there. She lubed my pussy up and her real good. She started off with one finger until she had them all inside me. She then kept stretching until she could get her in me. I could feel my pussy stretching open to fit her . It was a little painful at first but I was so horny and turned on that it didn’t take long for me to start enjoying it! She then grabbed the first dildo and that one slid in easily. Then she went on to the next one until I had fucked every one of them until she reached the last one which was my favorite the horse cock. I was very anxious to get that one in! It felt so good and when she rubbed my clit while fucking me with it I came all over it. Now it was my turn to play with her pussy. I couldn’t wait to lick and suck on her clit. I fingered her tight pussy and licked her tasting her sweet juices. I then fingered her pussy until I could get my inside her and then she asked me to put 2 inside her. I couldn’t believe she could take it. Her pussy was so tight but it opened up to fit my in and then closed around them getting tight again! She also picked out other toys for me to use on her. I started with the smallest one and worked my way up to an extremely large one! She was so wet and enjoying every bit of it! We had an amazing time! I can’t wait to go back and see her in January!

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Download file – 1.0 GB

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