[Clips4Sale] Miss Tiffany & Bryan Balldacious – Miss Tiffany Learns to Skewer Testicles – Part 1 o…

[] & Learns to Skewer Testicles – Part 1 of 2

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is in school girl mode and ready to learn how to Needle, Skewer and perform Testicle Injections. all in one crash course of Educational and Experimental act of Testicle Destruction!
In this first half, sizes up her Testicular test package and determines that before she Skewers the Testicles, they need to be Tenderized, Swollen and Red so that the needles easily slide through the ball meat.
takes notes, squeezes the balls to test for size and tenderness, and kicks his bare exposed balls full force in boots until his balls reach the plump and tender state she believes will produce the best results!
Sample footage from part 2 is also included at the end of this video!

Download file – 368.0 MB


Download file – 368.0 MB

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