Clips4Sale – Taurus Angel – RoboSexual Taurus Angel


0:13:09 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 736Mb

The new app was just released, and this customer is eager to try it. As he scrolls through the available bot models, his excitement grows. He hovers over . Her page announces that she’s now available in the Silver Model, and that intrigues him. He pushes the button to purchase her for the evening, and she materializes in his living room. She introduces herself & reads him the menu of her available settings: DomBot Taurus, SubBot Taurus, PornBot Taurus, and Sensual Taurus. Unfamiliar with these new settings, the customer decides to start with the first one, but it becomes quickly apparent that isn’t his style. As he cycles through each setting, he becomes concerned that he’s never going to get off. This new Bot is very realistic but she has a few glitches.
He tries to explain to her exactly what he wants, but she’s only programmed to understand commands. Exasperated, he chooses the Sensual Taurus setting. She instantly becomes the girl of his dreams, and he relaxes into the couch as she kisses him deep & hard. He’s so happy he’s going to finally get his dream experience. In the middle of kissing him, Taurus Silver shocks him, glitches out & freezes. He’s worried this is the end, but she resumes kissing him as though nothing happened. When riding him, she glitches again & shocks him on his penis but she returns to administering pleasure until he cums inside her.
She offers to access ChefBot Taurus mode & cook him dinner. This really is the perfect woman. The LazCorp name has lived up to its reputation.

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