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Interested in a super cute, barely legal gymnast today? Why, right along then. was born in S. Korea, and raised in Minnesota by Germans who had the good sense to instill in her all the Teutonic virtues such as discipline, patience, physical fitness, and desire to do her first porn movie at the ripe old age of 18 years, 4 months. Ok the last one may not exactly be German (but should be! German ladies are yum!). But we are glad our adorable and sexy went that route anyway.
For being just out of High School, is pretty calm, considering she’s about to fuck on camera for the first time. In fact, she’ll do that sooner than she even expects when cocklord TC talks her into sucking and fucking him in the back of his pimp vehicle. They do the nasty in a parking structure so please apologize the very dark footage.
Good news is that just a few moments later we cut to a brief yet sexy behind the scenes at the hotel with , and then it’s straight into the main part of ’s first scene. Brief interview, naked time, pussy play, then TC makes her cum eating her out. By the way, let this serve as a lesson as to how to get a girl to cum. We can watch TC’s tongue magic in detail, watch his little tricks with his mouth, and so on. It works. So if you want to learn the tricks of a seasoned porn god, don’t miss this segment.
After that it’s on to most of you guys’ favorite parts – the amazing (those eyes when she looks at you with your cock in her mouth – delish!), deep throating, , sideshow, cowgirl, the works. And then of course TC wraps things up with his famous cumshot blasts on ’s beautiful face before she runs to the shower.
Barely 18, toned and tight from her gymnastics, and surprisingly good at that sexy thing, Miah is a wonderful little surprise package that we would like to get back…for anal. Because if there’s anything we like to see more than a tiny chick get dicked by TC is to watch her get fucked in her tight and tiny ass. You guys with us?

Download file – 2.0 GB
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Download file – 2.0 GB
Download file – 836.4 MB

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