[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sex Therapist Laughs At Your Mini Meat

[] – Sex Therapist Laughs At Your Mini Meat

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You’ve been coming to my clinic for a few weeks now, and you just aren’t making any progress. I’m afraid that your “irrational” fear of having a small penis is holding you back in your relationships. It’s time you faced your fear to dispel it once and for all. Show me this “tiny dick” of yours. I’m a doctor. I can give you an honest assessment of your endowment. I’m sure it’ll be fine . . . Oh. My. God. You . . . you have the SMALLEST DICK I HAVE EVER SEEN! It’s even more miniscule than the textbook pictures of micropenis and other birth defects. What happened to you? Wow, you really ARE a little-dick loser! And here I thought you were just neurotic! HAHAHAHAHA! Look at that thing! Ok, for the sake of science, I want you to show me how you jerk that itty bitty bobbin off without breaking it off entirely. This is too hilarious. I would write a case study paper about you and get famous for my discovery, but I’m too busy my ass off. What a pathetic freak you are!

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Download file – 168.7 MB

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