[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sucking Off My Classmate

[] – Sucking Off My Classmate

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This biology class sucks! I hate school. Why do we have to learn about stupid plants, anyway? You’re the smart one. That’s why they made you my lab partner, isn’t it. I always get a D- in stupid science classes. Let’s make a deal. I know you’re not the most popular guy with the ladies. What if I give you some “special attention” in exchange for you doing our biology lab by yourself? What do you say? Don’t be shy. Pull down those pants and let me show you my favorite “subject.” Anatomy! Haha, ok, bad joke. But believe me, you won’t be laughing when I show you what my full lips and long tongue can do to your throbbing erection. I’ll slide my mouth up and down your shaft, drawing the head of your cock all the way to the back of my throat, until I’m gagging and drooling a little. Mmm, you like that? How about if I flick my tongue all over your balls while I squeeze my big H-cup titties? I’ll make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum in your life. I want you to shoot your load all over my tits! Spray it right here, in my cleavage! God this is so much more fun than homework.

Download file – 233.9 MB


Download file – 233.9 MB

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