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[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Dad thinks I’m mom!

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Dad thinks I’m mom!

mp4 | 746.8 MB | 848×480 | 00:35:28

Scene One: Daddy, I’m not mom!
Molly is in her room reading and catching up on school work. Her dad walks into the room and tells her they’re alone, and that Molly is at school. A confused look moves to shock when dad takes off his pants. Molly tries to explain but his cock shuts her up sliding into her mouth. Molly not knowing what to do sucks her dad’s cock and lets him face fuck her.

Dad strips off Molly’s cute panties and fucks her. Waves of ecstasy flow through her and she cries “oh daddy fuck your little girl”. She has always dreamed of her daddy fucking her, and now with his cock inside her she gets close to cumming. Just then a knock at the door and Molly grabs the blanket and covers up her dad. “Just a minute” she tells her mom trying to get off the top of her dad. He just pulls her back onto him and Cory opens the door. Cory asks what Molly is doing and figures out that Molly is just having some personal time. Molly can barely keep a conversation with her mom moaning as she speaks. Cory leaves her daughter to it and dad keeps fucking her until they both cum.

Scene Two: Daddy, I need to get ready for school!
Molly is getting ready for school in the bathroom when her dad comes in and slides his hand down his daughter’s panties. “Daddy stop” Molly moans but her resistance fades, moaning from his hands on her body. Setting her on the counter he fucks her stripping her of the last of her clothes. He bends her over the counter and fucks her tight ass. “Not in their daddy, I’ve never been fucked in my ass” she pleads with him. Her moans get louder and louder until she is almost screaming for her daddy.

Cory knocks on the door to see if everything is all right. Dad quickly hides in the shower and Cory walks in to see her daughter naked, sprawled against the counter with her fingers rubbing her pussy. “We are going to have a talk about this later” she tells her daughter. “now hurry up, you’re going to be late for school” Cory leaves and dad goes back to fucking his daughter until he cums. Pulling up her panties, Molly is going to have to go to school with her ass full of her dad’s cum all day… and she loves it.

Scene Three: Masturbating on the couch with daddy

(Cory is trying to ignore her daughter “masturbating” on the couch)

Molly has just come home from school and sits on the couch to watch some TV. Her dad comes in and watches TV next to her. “I want your cock daddy” Molly says to him and pulls his cock out with her free hand while still watching the TV. She takes off the panties from under her skirt and spreads her legs wide rubbing her pussy while she jerks her dad’s cock. When he is hard, Molly places her wet pussy on top of him and fucks him sliding up and down.

Cory comes in and watches TV with them. Molly moans and fucks her dad under her skirt, daring her mom to say anything. She touches her breasts under her thin shirt while ridding her daddy’s cock. Cumming like she has never cum before. Cory tells her that masturbating on the couch is not appropriate. Molly slides off her dad and apologies to her mom, going upstairs to clean up.

Scene Four: What the hell is going on!
Her parents are sleeping and Molly walks into their bedroom quietly. She bought some special lingerie for her daddy and can’t wait to show him. She wakes her dad and asks him what he thinks of it, showing him how it fits her body. Not caring if she wakes her mom Molly sucks his cock. She then guides his cock inside her pussy and fucks him like she has never had sex before.

Molly wants to wake up her mom and screams for daddy to fuck her in her ass. Cory is a heavy sleeper and sleeps right through her daughter’s loud orgasm. “I need your cum on my face daddy” Molly demands. He jerks his load onto her face and she smiles satisfied. Cory wakes up and yells “What the hell is going on!” Molly tells her that daddy just gave her a facial and she loves it.

Top 50 Clip!

***Video Contains Anal and Facial***

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[Clips4Sale] Lena Paul – Daddy Issues – The Bet

[Clips4Sale] Lena Paul – Daddy Issues – The Bet

wmv | 672.44 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:14:24

Scene One:

The bet “I’m so horny all the time, all I really want is having a mans cock inside of me. I’ve never had it but I’m so curious” Lena writes in her diary. A phone call and one dirty bet later Lena is dared to get her dad to fuck her. “What the hell!” Lena says but the thought of a new car is too much for her. Lena approaches her dad while he’s working and does her best to seduce him. She tells him how bad she’s been and that she crashed her car. In anger he bends her over the desk and spanks her bare ass. She moans as her dad’s hand slaps her hard. “I’m so sorry daddy I’ve been really bad” She squeaks softly. “What are you going to do to me daddy? Are you going to put your big daddy cock inside of me” She says cutely and lets him punish her mouth and pussy. “I’ve learned my lesson. I’m really sorry daddy, I’m a bad little girl” She moans. “What am I doing, get your clothes on” he says after cumming inside of her.

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[Clips4Sale] Brooklyn Daniels – Bad Daughters Never Win

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Brooklyn Daniels – Bad Daughters Never Win

mp4 | 1199.16 MB | 1280×720 | 00:39:56

Scene One: Convincing dad
Brooklyn has just been grounded from spring break by her mom Cory, but she has a plan to get ungrounded. She invites her dad to her room and tells him how unfair it is that she’s grounded. She just bought all this new clothing and gives her dad a show of her new underwear. She shows him what she would do to all the boys and grinds on him in her lacy underwear.
Taking out his cock she sucks him, saying that he should talk to mom. A knock on the door and Cory bursts in the room. Dad quickly covers his daughter with a blanket as she continues to suck him. Cory asks if he has seen Brooklyn and reminds him about dinner that night. As soon as she leaves he cums in his daughter’s mouth. With a swallow Brooklyn tells him that he can have that every night if he lets her go on spring break.

Scene Two: Convincing mom
Dad did nothing to help her so Brooklyn goes to work on her mom. Cory is in her room reading when Brooklyn walks in dressed in lingerie. Cory asks her what she is doing but Brooklyn silences her with a kiss. Attacking Cory with her hands and mouth she makes her mom moan.
As Brooklyn licks her pussy a knock comes from the door and Cory quickly covers up her daughter. Dad comes in to talk to Cory about dinner that night. Brooklyn continues to lick her moms pussy, and as they talk Cory cums. Dad asks if she is feeling alright and goes to get her some medicine.

Scene Three: Tied up
Brooklyn sends her dad a text message with her sprawled out naked on the bed. Then going into the living room she tells him that if he doesn’t fix her problem that she is going to tell mom. Dad says fine and goes upstairs. Instead of talking to mom he comes back with rope and ties up his little girl.
Stripping her to her underwear he makes her suck his cock and spanks her ass. Cory comes downstairs and sees him spanking Brooklyn. She gives her a few good slaps for dressing like a slut and leaves. When Cory is gone he fucks Brooklyn like the bad little girl she is being. With one last thrust he cums deep inside her and leaves her tied up on the floor.

Scene Four: Who needs spring break
Brooklyn walks into her daddy’s bedroom with a sad look. Today is the last day of spring break and she has not even left the house. Dad tells her that unless she does as he says he will send that naked picture of herself to all her friends at school. He makes her strip naked and suck his cock.
“But mom” Brooklyn says catching her breath. Cory walks in and tells her that she knew all along and that this is Brooklyn’s punishment for being a bad girl. She commands her daughter to fuck her husband. He fucks her until she has one screaming orgasm after another. He shoots his hot load on Brooklyn’s face and Cory gives her a kiss. That’s that way to end a vacation.

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[Clips4Sale] Anastasia Rose – Anastasia’s adventures of adulthood

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Anastasia’s adventures of adulthood

wmv | 2729.91 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:48:50

Scene One: Studious daughter
Anastasia is in her room studying for school. She stays in her room all the time, trying to ignore her parents fighting. She hears her mom slam the door and leave the house in anger. Her dad walks in to ask if she’s alright and if she’s studying. Telling her to keep studying he pulls down her pants.

She quivers with fear as her dad touches her body. Unable to move his mouth licks and sucks on her. Daddy stop She pleads but her dad makes her keep reading her book as he slides his pulsing cock into her tight pussy. Moans and sobs, tightly holding her book in her white knuckled hands, Anastasia feels her pussy fill with his warm cum.

Scene Two: Work out your feelings
She needs to keep herself busy. She needs to forget and ignore what happened the other night in her room. Working out will help. Bringing her body to exhaustion will let her forget. Her dad walks in to help her work out

As she stretches he touches her. As she lifts weights he strips her. As she works out he fucks her. She pleads with him but the only thing that stops him is his cum filling her sensitive pussy.

Scene Three: Commercial Interruption
Blankly Anastasia watches TV. Her father comes home from a long day of work and begins to play with her. He lifts her up onto his lap and touches her body. She just continues to watch TV as he makes her cum with his fingers.

Fucking her she cums again and again. He loves his new sex doll daughter that does whatever he says. He cums inside of her, oozing his love all over her used pussy. She just pulls up her panties and continues watching her shows. Love you dad She says as he leaves.

Scene Four: School Safe Space
School, that’s what she needs. Leaving the house is just the thing to clear her mind. She hops out of the shower and begins to dress when her dad walks into her bedroom. Anastasia tries to ignore him. He touches her as she pulls on her underwear and clothes.

You can’t go to school like this he tells her and strips his daughter. He goes through her drawer and picks out panties for her to try, each one getting smaller. He touches her, and pulls on her panties as she tries them on, making her feel so humiliated and used. Finally he finds a pair he likes and throws her to the bed. She screams into her pillow as he fucks her. Cumming inside of her he ruins her panties, making them soaked. Looks like you’re going to have to stay home sick today. He tells her.

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[Clips4Sale] Anya Olsen – Natural Harvest – Extra Credit

[[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Anya Olsen in Natural Harvest – Extra Credit

wmv | 528.23 MB | 1280×720 | 00:14:20

Hands off Is what Anya’s tee-shirt says. And after the other day with her father she fucking means it. She has no idea how she’s going to get all her homework done when her dad touches her neck. I’m trying to do my homework. Hands off! She screams. He pulls off her shirt and shorts softly whispering to her as she begs for him to stop.

With her face in her book he gets on top of her and fucks her. I’m going to tell mom and she’s going to fucking leave you She tells him. He pounds her into the couch harder. She looks at him with anger and disgust as he makes her cum. Is mom not good enough for you, you have to fuck your daughter too? She yells at him. He fucks her until he cream pies his little sweet girl and her pussy in cum. What did you do She asks him touching her cum filled pussy.

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[Clips4Sale] Bailey Brooke – Outwitting Bunnies

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Bailey Brooke – Outwitting Bunnies

wmv | 1954.66 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:40:50

Scene One: Jail or tail
Bailey’s dad walks into her room pissed and angry. He shows her his phone with a picture of Bailey and her friends doing something very illegal. “Dad don’t send that to the cops!” Bailey says upset. He makes a deal with her she sucks him off he doesn’t send her to jail.
This is the only way he’s going to keep his daughter out of trouble. Punish her so she doesn’t do anything bad ever again! Bailey’s forced to take off her shirt and suck her dad’s cock until he cums in her young virgin mouth. She looks disgusted angry and humiliated the entire time she’s sucking him. A big load creams into her face and he makes her not waste a drop.

Scene Two: Service me
“Dad are you almost done?” Bailey asks, annoyed at having to jerk her dad’s cock. She has no choice but to do as he says. Dressed in her bra and panties she strokes him trying not to think about what she’s doing. He makes her strip naked and bend over. If she’s going to give him a lifeless hand job than he’s going to have to take his pleasure out of her another way.
He slides his cock into her and fucks her. “Oh my god dad, this is not ok” She pleads with him. Her tits bounce and she gives him a bratty attitude as she’s fucked like a little naughty slut. “Are you almost done” She says and gets her ass slapped. He holds her mouth closed and cums inside his daughter, leaving her to dress in shame as cum oozes inside her. “Gross” She says to herself on the edge of tears.

Scene Three: Phone call car crash fuck
It’s been weeks and Bailey is the good girl that he wants her to be. She runs into the house in a panic “I just crashed mom’s car!” Bailey says. Bailey wants him to help her to which he responds. “What do I get?” She looks at him with fear and disgust, Bailey thought this was all over with but it seems like it’s just beginning.
He tells her call mom and explain that he wrecked the car not her. While she’s on the phone he pulls down her pants. Bailey looks at him with confusion as he begins to lick her pussy. She can barely keep her moans off the phone and fights to control herself. He fucks her tight pussy while she’s on the phone, making her gasp for breath. He pounds her ass painfully hard and cums inside her. “Yeah mom I’m just studying” Bailey says falling to the bed in exhaustion.

Scene Four: Divorce and punishment
“What is up with you two?” Bailey’s mom asks her. She suspects something sexual is going on between them. When Bailey doesn’t give it up she goes to her husband. She knows he’s fucking her now and asks for a divorce.
Angry and humiliated dad comes back to Bailey asking why she told on him. “I didn’t tell her” She says with a whimper, his strong arms wrapping around her neck and pushing her down onto the counter. He roughly pulls off her clothes and bangs her against the counter. She pleads with him that she’s innocent and moans in pain and pleasure at the hard treatment. Her eyes go lifeless and her body makes her cum without enjoyment. He takes all his anger and humiliation out on her tight little body. He shoots his big load all over her face and leaves her destroyed.

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[Clips4Sale] Lena Paul – Daddy Issues (All 5 Scenes)

[Clips4Sale] Lena Paul – Daddy Issues (All 5 Scenes)

mp4 | 1330.72 MB | 852×480 | 01:11:11

Scene One: The bet
“I’m so horny all the time, all I really want is having a mans cock inside of me. I’ve never had it but I’m so curious” Lena writes in her diary. A phone call and one dirty bet later Lena is dared to get her dad to fuck her. “What the hell!” Lena says but the thought of a new car is too much for her.

Lena approaches her dad while he’s working and does her best to seduce him. She tells him how bad she’s been and that she crashed her car. In anger he bends her over the desk and spanks her bare ass. She moans as her dad’s hand slaps her hard. “I’m so sorry daddy I’ve been really bad” She squeaks softly. “What are you going to do to me daddy? Are you going to put your big daddy cock inside of me” She says cutely and lets him punish her mouth and pussy. “I’ve learned my lesson. I’m really sorry daddy, I’m a bad little girl” She moans. “What am I doing, get your clothes on” he says after cumming inside of her.

Scene Two:Regrets
The next day Lena shows her dad the video she took of them fucking. “I would hate to have to tell mom” Lena says telling him she needs more of that punishment he gave her. “I need a man like my daddy” She whispers. She pulls out her big natural breasts for him and he has no choice but to please his daughter.

He bends her over the counter and makes her moan. Lena talks dirty to her daddy as he plows her hairy young pussy. “Daddy it feels so good, I just needed more of this” She kisses him. Lena cums on her dads cock and tightens her pussy. He can’t help but cum inside his hot daughter.

Scene Three: Playing with fire
“I have something special for you daddy. I’m going to be a dirty little girl for my daddy” Lena says, walking into the living room in a pink nighty. She begs him to let her cum all over his perfect cock. Her mom comes walking down the steps as she touches his big cock and sits on the couch next to them. Cory thinks it’s strange her wearing next to nothing sitting on her dad’s lap. “Make sure you get dressed” Cory tells her leaving to shop.

“Take your daughter’s pussy like you like too” She giggles and strips her dad naked. “I’m not wearing any panties” She moans. She screams telling him what a naughty girl she is as she fucks his brains out. Her big breasts bounce and she cums on his cock, holding him tight until he cums inside her. “Its so hot and warm, I always want to have your cum inside of me. I’m going to be such a good little mommy” She whispers.

Scene Four:Don’t be mad mommy
“Daddy, I’m in my bedroom” she says, wearing lingerie and seducing her father. She giggles, pulling him down on top of her. “I think I’m pregnant” She whispers and pulls him in tight. “Give me that. Does my pussy feel different now that you got me pregnant?” She asks, moaning and fucking him.

“Oh fuck” She screams. Lena’s so loud she doesn’t hear her mother walk into the room. “Why are you fucking our daughter!” She screams. “Don’t be mad mommy” Lena says and explains everything. “You got our fucking daughter pregnant!” She screams again. “Mommy don’t leave daddy” Lena whispers. “This is disgusting” Cory says leaving the room.

Lena just goes right back to fucking her dad. “Fill up my pregnant little pussy daddy. I’ll be daddy’s little helper” She moans and cums on his cock. He cums inside her again knowing she can’t get double pregnant. Lena is left moaning and feeling the warm cum inside her.

Scene Five: One million tokens
“Daddy I need to talk to you” Lena says and talks about her parents sex problems. Lena can help her daddy with his stress and solve the problems between her parents. He tells her to stop as she strips out of her clothes showing off red lingerie she’s wearing underneath. “I know exactly how to cure your stress. You just need a release” She whispers. “We don’t have to tell anyone”

“Oh daddy, I know I’m being such a bad girl” She says sucking her dads big cock and sliding him inside of her. “Oh yes daddy. I love you fucking my pussy” She screams as he fucks her around the room. “It’s your pussy daddy, use it” and he fucks her until she’s a broken mess. “Daddy I want you to cum on my face” Lena gets to the floor and sticks out her tongue for daddy’s reward.
Lena is amazing at dirty talk, this is a must have video.

***Video Contains 2 Creamies!!!***

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[Clips4Sale] Cory Chase – Cory Chase in Motherly Seduction

[Clips4Sale] Cory Chase – Cory Chase in Motherly Seduction

wmv | 645.08 MB | 1280×720 | 00:16:53

Grandpa Harry passed away last week and Mom asked if I could drive to the funeral with her…Dad had previous commitments and could not attend…Mom was not aware of the secret crush I Have had on her since I was a little peaking on her showers…I had ever intent to seduce her but I had no idea seduction was on her mind as-well.

After the three hour drive, we unpacked at the hotel and waited for the wake to begin…I undressed to my boxes and relaxed on the bed…There was nothing on TV as I flipped thru the channels…The room had two beds but Mom insisted on sitting beside me to watch TV…She was wearing only her Satin Robe, the same robe I jerked off with several times before…I could see her breasts thru the robe every time she moved…I prayed and hoped she would not see my boner growing in my boxers…She must have seen something as she inched closer and and closer and then put her hand on my leg…I was toast and my boner was rock hard…

She then dropped the bomb on me…She wanted another baby…Dad had a Vasectomy several years ago and is now sterile…Mom wanted to continue my bloodline and only had me to share my seed with…She thought she was seducing me but I had all this planned…

Mom promised to never mention this to Dad and if she were to get pregnant, she would say his Vasectomy must have not worked…This was a win-win situation…I get her pregnant and nobody will ever know I am the father…But back to the action as she is now placing my rock hard cock down her throat…I hope I do not cum too fast, her tight pussy is next…

Her pussy is so tight and could not hold out…I had her switch positions several times but mostly so I did not cum too fast…I took her from behind and she begged for my seed…I could not resist and filled her pussy with my cum…It was so hot hearing Cory say my cock was so big and got bigger while I came inside…I left to clean up in the bathroom and Mom keep my seed inside…I hope this was not the last time with Mom, now that she might be pregnant, I do not need to worry if she will get pregnant the next time…

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[Clips4Sale] Cory Chase, Dava Foxx – Chasing White Tails

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Cory Chase, Dava Foxx – Chasing White Tails

mp4 | 1937.24 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:33:05

Scene One: Who humiliates who
You’re mom Dava and her friend Cory sit down to gossip. It’s been so hot outside lately that they are wearing as little as possible to fight the heat. Cory’s white thong hangs out of her tight jean shorts as she talks. You stare at her underwear and ass while she talks and Cory catches you. What a pervert Dava says. Cory tells the story of her and her step daughter to Dava’s amazement.
If he’s going to watch me like that, why don’t we give him a bit of a show Cory says. She rubs her hands on Dava’s legs and Dava reluctantly agrees. They talk to you, touching each other and giving you the show of a life time. Kissing, Cory gets on top of Dava and shows off her thong. They slowly strip each other, talking to you about how much you love watching them. They lick their breasts and tongue each others asses and pussies. Do you know what 69 is? they ask you and you eyes pop out of your head.

Scene Two: Do you want to join?
Are you ready for this? Dava asks. The girls kiss watching you take off your clothes. You lay on the bed and touch your mom’s soft breasts. Do you like when she sucks on mommy’s nipples? she asks you. They suck on you next. Dava can’t believe she’s sucking her own son, wrapping her fingernails around your cock and stroking you into her mouth.
You may want to sit on it before he blows his load Cory says. Dava slides you into her warm tight pussy and you’re too horny to stop her. She rubs her hairy pussy, bouncing up and down moaning. That’s a good boy Dava tells you when you get on top of her and thrust your cock all the way inside her. Cory plays with your mom and encourages you to fuck her. Dava cums hard on your cock and screams as you fill her pussy with warm cum. Look at that sticky mess Cory says kissing Dava.

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[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Daughter Saves Our Marriage (I Want My Daughters Ass)

[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Daughter Saves Our Marriage (I Want My Daughters Ass)

mp4 | 335.07 MB | 1280×720 | 00:14:30

Scene Five: I want my daughter’s ass
Cory is out for the day and dad calls Molly into the bedroom. With some of Cory’s lingerie on the bed he wants his daughter to put it on for him. She does as she is told, dressing and sucking on his cock.

Throwing her on the bed he fucks her as she moans “oh daddy fuck me” He then fucks her tight ass making her moan with pleasure. She loses count how many times her daddy makes her cum. He shoots his load over her perfect face and she licks and sucks every last delicious drop. Molly should consider being a marriage counselor.

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[Clips4Sale] Anya Olsen – Natural Harvest – Ice Breaker

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Anya Olsen in Natural Harvest – Ice Breaker

wmv | 440.9 MB | 1280×720 | 00:12:02

Cute pink lipstick, and dark eyelashes, Anya looks into the mirror and puts on makeup. Good morning dad She says sweetly. He stands behind her watching and rubbing her shoulders making her feel awkward. She tells him to stop and that it’s really weird. He shushes her, putting his arm around her neck and touching her with his free hand. Dad, this is wrong She tries to fight him off.

Please She moans, dad stripping her of her clothes, bending her over the counter, and licking her sweet pussy. Anya feels something press against her pussy lips making her tremble Please don’t hurt me dad she begs, her dad slowly filling her with cock. Each thrust like nails on a chalkboard making her shiver. He fucks her harder and harder and there’s nothing she can do about it. Fuck you I hate you dad Anya manages to say amid her sobs of humiliation. How it happened she doesnt know but she cums with her father’s hand around her neck, his cock deep inside her, and she feels him fill her with hot warm cum. Put your clothes back on and get ready for school He tells her.

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