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Clips4Sale – Natasha Nice – Desperate Mommy Gets Blackmailed III

Clips4Sale – Natasha Nice – Desperate Mommy Gets Blackmailed III

0:28:24 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 647Mb

Includes: Natasha Nice as Robby Echo’s mom, son seduces and blackmails mother, creampie
Natasha has a lover, a husband, and a son, Robby. Robby knows she’s messing around with her boss, Evan, and he thinks it’s really fucked up. His dad is a saint, he works so hard so Natasha can be a stay at home mom, so she can afford her retail addiction, her personal training sessions to keep her curvy body flawless, and THIS is how she repays him? He pulls out his phone and starts to take her coo-ing sexy things to Evan. Robby seethes as he listens and tapes, she’s going to end her relationship with either Dad or Evan, but he didn’t know that the two were scheming to steal inheritance money away from Evan’s wife. He listens in shock as he hears how she plans to leave his father, Evan will leave his wife, and the two will live rich and carefree just as soon as the check clears.
Robby leans in close trying to capture every word, his forehead hit the stair’s railing and made a terrible *thud,* Natasha turned around and gasped. She ordered Robby to come downstairs, and quickly ended her phone call with Evan. Natasha truly believes that if she explains to her son why she has a lover, the boy will understand, he’ll keep quiet, of course he loves her, and she’s always had a close relationship with him. Robby scoffs at her excuse for cheating and tells her what she needs to do to keep quiet, he wants a kiss. Natasha is not so sure about kissing her son, she’s never felt a romantic attraction to him, he’s her son, she raised him, but here he is, inching close to her, she smells his masculine scent, and she tries to turn her head. Does she feel a little turned on? Yes, but oh.. she shouldn’t show it. Robby pulls her in close and she feels vulnerable, feminine, and girlish as he kisses her on the lips. She feels herself kiss him back.

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Clips4Sale – Adria Rae & Lyra Law – Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed

Clips4Sale – Adria Rae & Lyra Law – Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed

0:29:27 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 895Mb

Includes: Naughty lovers: Adria Rae, Lyra Law, and mischievous boy Robby Echo, creampies
They say that if you’re an only, that you’ll grow up to be a spoiled, self righteous brat, but hey– I’m not really any of those things, I’m more like an opportunist, a type A personality that has got the drive and the will to really get what he wants out of life. What do I want most? A threesome. Let me tell you about the night that my dreams came true.
My babysitter, Lyra, tucked me in around 9:30 PM. I’m not supposed to go to bed until 11, messed up, right? Lyra is a goddess, it’s no wonder I do whatever she asks me to do.. I’ll bet she is used to all men doing whatever she pleases. Lyra’s got a playful smile, the kind that just let you know that she is a wicked slut in the bedroom, she wears cute belly shirts and shorts that show a sliver of her perfect ass when she goes up the stairs. I’m pretty sure that’s why my Dad hired her.. he’d love to get a piece of that, I can tell by how he drools over her when he comes home from work in the morning, throws our hard earned money at her. My Dad pays her a cool, crisp $100 bill when all my other sitters got $40. Lyra’s a babe, from her blonde hair to her Converse sneakers. It kind of pisses me off that she’s got it so easy. My Dad’s paying her money he could be paying out for my video games and stuff, and this girl tucks me a whole 90 minutes earlier than I am supposed to go to bed? Fuck that, this bitch has got to pay.
I sneak downstairs and I see her sprucing up, she’s putting on perfume. Her hands fidget, sweet and girlish, she pops a mint in her mouth, she adjusts her bra. She looks towards the door. I duck down low so that she doesn’t see me, she’s looking right at me! My heart races as I contemplate if I’ve been found out. I hear the front door open and in walks the hottest brunette I’ve ever seen. She looks at Lyra with lust and Lyra’s eyes widen. They move towards each other in slow motion, their hair blowing, Lyra purrs, "Adria.." They kiss. Not the sort of kiss that girlfriends give each other, they are kissing with tongue! My cock is raging hard, I can’t believe I am seeing lesbians kiss each other, fondle each other, tear each other’s clothes off. I rub my cock under my pj pants and remember I brought my cellphone, the perfect opportunity to capture this kodak moment. My head hit the stair rail and my anonymity was up! Adria pulled on her clothes as Lyra ordered me to get the hell back in my room. I’m not giving up on my fantasy. This is the perfect opportunity for a clever boy like me. My dreams are going to come true!
Watch the story unfold..

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[iWantClips] Mistress Harley – Computer Control Takeover Findom Rinsing – Blackmail

[iWantClips] Mistress Harley – Computer Control Takeover Findom Rinsing – Blackmail

mp4 | 24 MB | 800×480 | 00:04:30

Blackmail Fantasy, Financial Domination
Watch this hot computer takeover as Harley uses every day desktop sharing software to gain access to her slave’s computer. She invades his accounts, rinses him and drains his ca$h, then coerced her slave to go broadcast on cam while she invades his personal information for blackmail!

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Clips4Sale – Lyra Law – Sexting II

Clips4Sale – Lyra Law – Sexting II

MP4 | 913.43 MB | 1280×720 | 00:18:29

My mom is a sweetheart, the sort of Mother you’d see on a 50’s sitcom, perfectly proper housewife, overprotective of me, her only son, and so pure and innocent. I get the feeling that even though she is proper she has dirty thoughts, there’s an indescribable tension when she is near to me. She kisses me on the cheek every time I leave the house, the kisses have been migrating closer and closer to the corner of my mouth, her eyes locked on mine to gauge my reaction.
She met Dad in High School and they’ve been together since then. My Dad is a nice hard working sort of guy, but I’m pretty sure they have have zero sex life, they don’t always sleep in the same bedroom anymore. He usually comes home late, I hear him tinkering around in the garage, he eats dinner, takes a shower and watches TV on the sofa until he sleeps there. In the morning Mom will turn off the TV, kiss him good morning and make sure I get to school on time. The relationship between myself and my father is odd. I find myself hating him for no reason at all, seething with a sort of jealousy when Mom helps him pull on his winter coat.
I’ve played out different fantasy scenarios where I trick Mom into having sex with me. In my dreams she loves it. She discovers it’s me, and she has wild, passionate sex with me. I want her green eyes locked on mine whens she is sucking my dick, her sweet lips that I’m so familiar with locked tightly around my cock. In my dreams, she learns that I am the only man she’ll ever need. She leaves Dad and I get to take her whenever I want, in all the ways I fantasize about.
Dad leaves for work this morning. It’s Monday, it’s Martin Luther King Day and I have the day off of school. It’s the perfect opportunity to play out one of my fantasies to see how Mom reacts.
Watch the story unfold..

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Natasha’s Bedroom Video Clips, Pics

Natasha’s Bedroom

I’m like the girl next door, but a whole lot more fun. Follow me on twitter @natashasbedroom.

Sensual femdom producer and goofball.

Natasha’s Bedroom – One Step Closer To Gay

This is the second part of my interactive “Gay Initiation” assignment series, designed to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. This clip can be enjoyed on its own or in sequence.

It’s time to venture closer to total gaydom, my future faggot. My next assignment will push and stretch your sexual limits, drawing on your own personal cock hungering fantasies to bring you closer to that point of no return, while still leaving you craving more. This is a two-part assignment, requiring proof of completion. Get ready, faggot. This assignment is going to put your gay impulses in overdrive.

Keywords: natasha, natasha’s bedroom, sissy, sissification, forced fem, cocksucker, slut training, cheerleader, uniform, cheerleading, feminize, pov, cocksucking, pigtails, big cocks

Natasha’s Bedroom – Forever Worthless: Humiliation Assignment

Natasha’s Bedroom – This clip is pure psychological torture.

We both know that you’re a loser, but you haven’t yet truly realized the true depths of your worthlessness. You still have hope that maybe, just maybe, you won’t always be a total failure, mindlessly jerking your useless life away. My skillful manipulation will shred apart what remains of your self-confidence and annihilate that last hope.

Buckle up and brace yourself for one of my cruelest clips yet.

Natasha’s Bedroom – Anal On Aces

Is lady luck on your side? My deck of cards will control your anal exploring jerk off session today. This game isn’t rigged; it’s totally up to chance. Whenever I pull an ace or a king, you’ll be opening up that tight little hole with the biggest dildo you can handle. But, you see, this game is about so much more than just playing with that asshole of yours: the cards will determine when you stroke, how fast, when you edge yourself to the very brink – plus, of course, if and when you’re finally allowed to explode with a big orgasm.

I just love playing these games with you. The element of randomness, the mystery of what will come needs, keeps you on your toes. In a game scenario, curiosity breed compliance. When will you have to pound yourself again? Will you be allowed to cum? Only one way to find out. It’s time to start playing my game…

Natasha’s Bedroom – A Better Sub

Femdom can be a very positive OR a very negative part of your life. There’s no denying that you’re submissive, that the need to obey is a fundamental, immutable part of yourself. It’s a drive you’ll always have. But I don’t want a battered and broken down sub with nothing left to give. I want a happy, healthy, vibrant boy at my feet.

Today’s lesson is about self-improvement. You’ll learn to accept your submissive needs and let go of the shame that sometimes clouds your mind. I’ll teach you how to strike a balance between femdom and the other, also important, parts of your life. You’ll have a set of ongoing assignments to complete – assignments that will make you into a better person and, by extension, a better sub.

Keywords: natasha, natasha’s bedroom, femdom, sensual domination, no humiliation, assignment, brunette, bra and panties, candid, sub training, pov, challenge, obedience, submission, addiction

Natasha’s Bedroom – Growth Hormone

You’re at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup when a beautiful nurse, wearing a surprisingly revealing uniform, walks in. She holds up a bra and panty set: “Put this on. We’ve done away with our normal hospital gowns. I know it’s strange for you, as a man, to wear lacy women’s lingerie like this, but it’ll make your exam today much easier to perform. Trust me – I’m a professional.”

You follow her instructions. You have to admit that the bra and panties feel awfully nice against your otherwise bare flesh. It feels natural, like this is what you were always meant to wear.

You groan as the nurse pulls out a syringe and cheerfully announces that you’re due for a vaccination. The cold needle dips into your veins, and then a momentary euphoria overcomes your body.

Almost immediately, you notice a strange sensation in your chest. It’s almost like something is inflating, like you’re growing a pair of…breasts. Could it be? The nurse reassures you: “It’s just a little bit of post-vaccination inflammation. Time for the next dose!”

It’s undeniable now. A budding pair of breasts is expanding outward from your previously flat chest. With the third dose, the speed of expansion increases. Growing bigger and bigger – you’re afraid, though you can’t help but admit to yourself that you’re enjoying it. This is what you’ve always secretly wanted, after all. The nurse smiles playfully as she watches your response. “I have to make a little confession,” she whispers…

Keywords: natasha, natasha’s bedroom, growth fetish, feminize, breast inflation, pov, medical, role play, nurse, be, expansion, transformation, futa, estrogen, inflation

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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Eat Cum, Or Else!

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Eat Cum, Or Else!

mp4 | 187 MB | 1280×720 | 00:12:12

Ever since you became engaged to my sister and met the rest of her family, there’s been sexual attention between you and I. Let’s face it. You can’t take your eyes off of my big, bountiful breasts. You’ve been staring at my cleavage this entire time, haven’t you!? Hah, I knew it! To be honest, I sometimes wear low-cut outfits just to catch your eye. Now that your new bride has gone out shopping and left us alone in the house, come a little closer and take a good look at what you’ve been coveting. It’s ok. You can pull your dick out. I know you want to play with it. Come on, I want to see what you’re working with! Atta boy. Mmm, I’m going to show you just how seductive my tits can be. Look, they slip out of my dress so easily. I love watching you get harder by the moment as I play with my little pink nipples. Enjoying yourself, honey? HAH, you sure are stupid. See my cell phone over there? I’ve had it recording us the entire time. Gee, it sure would fuck up your marital bliss if your new wife found out you wanted to pound her sister! But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you want this to stay our little secret, all you have to do is follow my instructions. I want you to jerk off for me. Stroke yourself off just like I tell you, and no cumming allowed until I give you the countdown. When you spunk, I want you to shoot into your own hand, and then – this is the important part – lick your palm clean. That’s right, bitch. You have to lap up your own sperm right in front of me, or pay the price of shame. Which is it going to be?
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Throbbing For Stepsister’s Perfect Tits

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Throbbing For Stepsister’s Perfect Tits

mp4 | 174.18 MB | 1280×720 | 00:11:28

I know where you go by yourself, night after night, big brother. You’ve been going to the local strip bar! That explains why you’re so broke all the time. You’re spending every penny you have on the strippers – buying them drinks and getting lap dances. What is this obsession you have with big boobs, anyway?

If you’re going to spend money to look at big boobs, you might as well be looking at mine. Mine are sooo much bigger and nicer than any of the girls at the club. Just take a look. I look pretty damned good in lingerie, don’t I? I can tell you’re enjoying the show from the bulge in your pants. Now pick your jaw up of the floor and pay up! Empty your wallet and give me all your money. And when you’re done with that, get your girlfriend’s purse and give me all of her cash, too!

Do as I say, bro, or I’ll tell everyone about your titty bar habit. One more twenty, and I’ll take off my top . . . wow, you just couldn’t handle it, could you. You came right in your pants! Hah, I knew this hot little body of mine would make you weak.
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