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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Stepmom and Aunt Make You Eat Your Jizz

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love & Goddess Airen – Stepmom and Aunt Make You Eat Your Jizz

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I’m at my wits, end, son. Your masturbation habit is out of control. You can’t even behave while my sister is in town visiting. I never wanted your poor aunt to know about your filthy habits, but you’ve left me no choice. I’m taking her to lunch today, and I can’t trust you alone in the house. Last time I left you by yourself, I found a cum filled sock on the living room floor and a bill for $50 of pay per view porn!

Pull out your cock, son. You’re going to thoroughly drain those balls before your aunt and I leave. Yes, right here, in front of us. It’s the only way to be sure. And don’t you dare spill a drop of your spunk on the carpet. I slave every day keeping this house spotless. You’ll just have to lick your sticky, cum covered fingers clean!

Featuring Goddess Airen.
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