Clips4Sale – Tammie Madison – Weekly Chores Creampie for Mommy
A non-exclusive custom request to feature, a boy-girl scene with Tammie playing mommy. The theme is mom and son have casual sex, whilst mommy ask son about his day. Mommy wants to know that he has completed all his chores, all except his final one, cumming in mommy.

For this taboo creampie scene, Your mommy, Tammie is in the kitchen, by the stove, prepping your dinner. She looks so prim and proper in her bodysuit, skirt, and apron. As mommy chops the vegetables, she asks you about your day, checking you have completed your chores, as she casually tells you about her plans for the week ahead. Mommy does not even flinch as you reach out and start to caress her breasts. In fact, when you try to grab her ass, mommy spreads her legs and hitches up her skirt for you. She snaps open her body stocking saying, "This might help", as she provides you with access. As mommy casually discusses her yoga class, your fingers slide into her from behind. You finger fuck her vigorously as she tells you about the drinks night she has planned with the girls.

When you push her down to her kness by her head, Mommy is nonchalant, taking hold of your cock and sucking, asking, "Does this feel good?" Of course, you and her both know, you still have one more chore to complete, you still need to give mommy her creampie.
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Clips4Sale – Quinn Wilde – Wonder Quinn Enslaved
A mighty heroine’s wrath can be heard in the distance as shots fly and guards fall. Legion frantically fiddles with his new device as his last and strongest guard bursts into the room mid-battle. Having deflected every shot thus far, Wonder Quinn laughs at the guard’s attempt to hit her. She throws him into the wall, and his lights go out. Now her attentions turn to Mr. Legion. The panicked villain attempts to use his new voice modulator to control her, but she is far too strong for his technology. Just as Wonder Quinn starts her attack on Legion, the seemingly out guard swoops in from behind and turns the tables. Legion and his guard keep the now helpless heroine in a daze as her humiliation begins. In her hazy state, she has little options but to comply as her mouth is violated.

Legion and his minion were able to keep the superheroine weak for a short time, but she is still too strong to be controlled by the voice modulator. As there’s no time left to modify the device, the devious villain commands his guard to make Wonder Quinn cum over and over and over again until she is too weak to resist his commands.

Wonder Quinn isn’t sure if she’s madder at Legion for taking control of her or at herself for her inability to resist his commands. He makes her dance for him, her body giving into his will more and more. By his command Wonder Quinn becomes more and more aroused as she displays her superheroine body like a common stripper. But dancing isn’t enough to show her just how broken she is. With a switch of his voice modulator, Legion makes Wonder Quinn masturbate until she begs for him to fuck her.

Wonder Quinn is now completely at Legion’s mercy. Her humiliation has broken down her mind so much that he doesn’t even need to use his voice modulator anymore to command her to spread her legs.
1:02:29 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 1620Mb

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Clips4Sale – Katie Cummings – Big Sister Wrecked The Car And Fucks For Payoff

Katie is on the couch relaxing, trying to watch TV, when her little brother comes in and sits down next to her. He wants to know who wrecked his car. Katie denies it was her. But she must have forgotten about the video surveillance cameras. But little brother did not. Katie continues to deny, but her brother threatens to tell Mom and Dad! Katie doesn’t want that to happen. She will be grounded forever. She offers chores, laundy, etc, etc. But little brother doesn’t budge. He wants his car fixed. Katie has an alternate plan. How about a blowjob? From my sister, he asks. Katie looks excited at the prospect and gets to work, sucking his cock like a champ. But, Katie has more in store. Just to make sure that little brother tells no one, she decides to fuck him. She climbs on top and fucks him senseless in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Then little brother wants more cock sucking, so he makes Katie take it deep, gagging her. Then he puts her on the couch and fucks her missionary for a while. Then it’s time for doggy. He pounds her pussy and slaps her big, juicy ass. He pulls out and Katie strokes and sucks him until he shoots his load on her face and in her mouth. Then, for good measure, she plays with the cum a little bit.

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Clips4Sale – Hailey Little – Little Girl’s Gift

I’ve been waiting for you Daddy… I thought about you all day. You know I love taking you in my little mouth, it always makes me so happy to taste you… But I thought we could do something special today Daddy… I want to give you my little pussy… Yes Daddy I’m ready. I know you’re very big, but I’ve been practicing. Please put it inside me Daddy….

0:20:57 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 907Mb

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Clips4Sale – Alix Lynx – The Photography Student

When Rion took such superb pictures of Miss B, the photography teacher decided to take Rion under his wing and show him how to get the most out of his unique camera. After all, someone has to be able to take yearbook pictures when he’s not around. Now the prot�g� is assigned to take Ms. Lynx’s photograph for the faculty section of the yearbook. Like many of the stern and modest teachers before her, Ms. Lynx isn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of friendly faculty photos. But a good photographer knows how to help his subjects open up for the camera. Everyday Rion gives an excuse as to why the shoot needs to be redone. And though he tells her to forget at the end of each shoot, Ms. Lynx seems somehow happier and hotter each day.

0:59:26 | 1280×720 | mp4 | 776Mb

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