[Clips4Sale] Mistress Alina – Suffer two bitchy Orgasms

[Clips4Sale] Mistress Alina – Suffer two bitchy Orgasms

mp4 | 1180.16 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:34:42

Mistress Alina has dressed totally in black: A tightly fit top, leather skirt, pantyhose, studded leather gloves and her new ultra high Buffalo overknee boots. And she has made up something special for her slave. "I will torment you with my gloves, I want you to cum on them, I want you to suck your cum from my fingers and then I want you to cum again under my boots."
With a thrill of anticipation Alina walks onto the stage and teases her slave, who is caught under the board, with her boots. "KISS MY SOLES!"
Solwly Alina sits down and with her gloves she plays with her slave toy. She strokes his face, his upper body and his crotch that is stuck in the hole of the board. And bit by bit she increases intensity. " Mmh – do you like it, when I rub your cock with my gloves?" "Do you also like this?" PUNCH! Right in the groin area – The slave groans, but ALINA LAUGHS. "This is not a petting farm!"
The Goddess puts off her gloves and WHIPS HIS COCK with the mean studded leather gloves, making loud slapping noise. That really seems to hurt. The slave squirms with pain under the board, he groans but Alina enjoys.
Next she puts on her gloves again but she puts them on inside out – And with the rivets on the palms of her hands she gives him a ROUGH HANDJOB. By turns she torments and caresses his dick. She circles her finger on the top of his glans, making her slave crazy and takes him short before his climax. Just to beat it again. "Don’t dare to cum too fast!"
Alina stands up, walks towards slave’s face and sits down right on his mouth giving him a SMOTHERING FACE SITTING lesson while she RUBS AND BEATS HIS CROTCH IN A CRUEL WAY. The slave tries to scream, but he only gasps out some weak groans under Alina’s bottom.
The Mistress stands up again and SITS DOWN RIGHT ON HIS BALLS before she continues playing with her hands and goes on with her carrot and stick game. And then she decides to make him cum "a bit". The Mistress rubs his cock tough with her hands and immediately before he wants to shoot out his load she stops and holds her hand under his cock. "IF YOU CUM ON MY GLOVES, YOU MUST EAT YOUR CUM". But she has gone too far. The slave cannot retain and A BIG STREAM OF SEMEN RUNS OUT OF HIS COCK RIGHT INTO THE PALM OF ALINA’S HAND.

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Goddess Amanda [Financial Dominatrix] [Video Clips,Pics]

Goddess Amanda [Financial Dominatrix] [Video Clips,Pics]

Findom + Femdom Goddess | Serve

Cum Quicker Challenge Part 8

We are getting closer and closer to the end of my challenge! Only a few more clips before you only have sixty seconds to cum on command. You are like my little puppy and yearn to be a good boy for me. It’s so exciting to have your Goddess controlling your cock and orgasms. It is slowly starting to sink in that you don’t own your cock anymore, I do. Today you have three minutes to cum my little slave. I know you can do it

Keywords: cum countdown

Foot Bitch Tasks

If you want to be my little foot bitch you need understand that my feet come before everything and especially before your needs. You’ll be waiting for me like an anxious puppy waiting for his master to return home. the moment I walk in the door you will greet me by kissing my feet. We both know what a loser you are and that you can’t get pussy so you have realized a womans feet is all you can have. You don’t get to touch anything above my ankle. You don’t deserve it.


Keywords: soles

Cum Quicker Challenge part 7

You will only have four minutes today to jerk the way I tell you to and ultimately cum right at the four minute mark. Training you to cum on command has been a lot of fun for me. I love to train good boys to cum the moment I order them to. It becomes so natural and after all this training you will see how easy it can be to cum on command. I have faith that you can cum in as much as ten minutes or in as little as one.


Category: JOI
Keywords: joi games

Broke Piggy – Wannabe Findom Slave

You are just a broke little piggy aren’t you? You see all these guys that spend thousands of dollars on their Goddess and you instantly get jealous. You would love to spend thousands on Me but you don’t have that in your bank account. It’s hard enough to survive from paycheck to paycheck but the idea of giving away all that money to a hot girl like me turns you on like nothing else. Your dick gets hard thinking about the exchange, but at the end of the day you’re so pathetic it’s just one big fantasy. You can afford a 10$ clip here and there, but we both know that’s not enough.

Keywords: findom

Cum Quicker Challenge part 6

I do enjoy a good JOI Game, especially when it’s good slave training. I control your hand when your jerking your dick. I own your dick. I decide when, if, and how you cum. Today you will have 5 minutes to jerk and cum for me on command. When I say the words “Cum for Me now” and snap my fingers you will obey. You have had a lot of training up until this point and we are going to keep going even after this.


Category: JOI GAMES
Keywords: submissive / slave training

Clean up Cucky

I have something new I want to try out with you since you’ve been such a good cuckold for my man and I. You have finally realized your place as always being the cuckold and that you will never be the alpha. You belong at the foot of my bed watching me be pleasured, but now I want to take it a step further. There is something you can start doing for me that I think you will learn to enjoy. Maybe you won’t at first but I know after you start doing it more and more you will. You will never be able to be close to my bare little pussy unless you’re cleaning me up.


Keywords: creampie

Cum Quicker Challenge Part 5

Today just happens to be part 5 or my 10 part series “Cum Quicker Challenge”! With each new clip you are going to have less and less time to jerk your dick and cum for me. There are always rules and you should know them well by now! But, just in case you have forgotten you will be taxed for cumming too soon, cumming too late or not cumming at all when I order you to. I am really going to have you well trained by the end of this. I control your cock, I control your orgasm and I decide when you cum.

Keywords: cum countdown

Locked up & Helpless

I want your dick locked in a chastity device for many reasons. The main reason being that your dick is utterly useless to Me and besides that you’ve been spending too much time looking at porn. I want you to start using your head and not dick to think. I gain pleasure from you being locked up and denied. You are going to start this clip by locking up your dick and you will just sit there and listen for the rest of it. You will have to learn how to deal with the aches and pains that will come with your device. It will be especially difficult when I start to tease you with my perfect Goddess body. It will hurt, your balls will be big and sore but, at the end of the day it will be rewarding.

Category: CHASTITY
Keywords: femdom pov

The Final CEI – Part 5

Part 5! My last, but not least favorite of all the ways to make you eat up your own cum. I love watching you so eager to please me. You will do anything to entertain me and put a smile on my face. No matter how taboo it is you will follow through with my every instruction or you will be penalized. There is no backing out, this is the final part of my CEI series.

Keywords: cei

Five Different CEI’s Part 4

Today is Part 4 of my favorite ways to make you eat your own cum. With each new clip I have a new and different way to have you eating your cum for me! I love being entertained by your willingness to do anything I ask.. Even if it is something so taboo as lapping up your cum like it’s delicious frosting.

Keywords: cum eating instruction


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[PayToObey.Me] Princess Meggerz


Princess Meggerz – PayToObey.Me

Almost instantly as I made contact with Princess Meggerz to arrange the interview you’re about to read, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with.  As beautiful as she is, her power over men has much more to do with her inner confidence and ability to get inside your head and bend you to her will.  The magnificent breasts are alluring, she is obviously beautiful and seductive, but more than that, Princess Meggerz is truly dominant.  She knows what she wants, she knows how to get it, and she controls any man she wants to.  Interviewing Princess Meggerz was something I looked forward to for a long time leading up to it.  Last night’s experience interacting with her did not disappoint.  Enjoy the feature below and be sure to let Princess Meggerz know how much you enjoyed her thorough responses.  Feel her wrap you around her little finger just a little more with every response you read.  She is an unyielding, dominant Princess, and one you won’t soon forget!

This customer is calling your listing in Women Fetish Femdom, to your member name Princess Meggerz.

How Meggerz Got A Boyfriend

My phone rings. It’s Niteflirt.
“Oh, fuck me.” I think.
I was taking my 45 minute ME time before my shower and seriously debating on ignoring the call. -Alas, I pick up.
“Hello. This is Niteflirt. A customer is on the line. This customer is calling your listing in Women Fetish Femdom, to your member name Princess Meggerz. The rate for this call will be $6.99 per minute. To accept this call…”
Begrudgingly, I hit one.

He’s forign with a thick accent and the connection’s shotty. I tell him to call back hoping he gives up and takes his ‘white American goddess’ fantasy elsewhere. They’re usually only good for a few bucks anyways. Apparently wages are shit in third world middle eastern countries, but what do I know?

“I had a dream about you. You and I were married and we had a child.”
Uhhh. No.
“What makes you think I’d even consider marrying you?” I ask.
“why not..?”

We had a boy. His name was “Zayrod” – he meant Jared. He wants me to know more about him. He is paying $6.99 to reintroduce himself.

He wants to know why I am laughing at him.

“Send me a tribute and you can be my boyfriend…” LOL
“Yes Goddess.”

“Send me another tribute and I will call you ‘baby.’”
“Yes Goddess.”

Right around this point our previous call starts to come back to me and I know he’s good for even more cash.

He decides to divulge his “creepy” fantasy to me. His words, not mine. I’m at that point where no fantasy creeps me out anymore, clearly.
He asks me to fart in his face (cuz I’ve never gotten that one before). Because it’s romantic. It’s romantic when you send me tributes, baby.

We’re about a good 30 minutes into the call at this point and my boyfriend’s beginning to grow on me.
He then asks me for a different platform to send tribute on. “I fucking hate these sites taking your money!” he exclaims. My kind of boyfriend, let me tell you.

One thousand dollars later, “This call lasted 62 minutes. $289.95 has been credited to your account bringing you back to the advisor menu…” I can also hum the holding music if need be.

Anyway, moral of my story? Answer that phone! Money aside, I made myself a boyfriend. ?

(Incase you’ve been living under a rock, start at the bottom and read to the top.)
*** Feel free to RT and reply to my story on twitter. The more the merrier.

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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sissy Step Son Sucks Step Mom’s Tits and Jerk-off

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sissy Step Son Sucks Step Mom’s Tits and Jerk-off

mp4 | 163.98 MB | 1280×720 | 00:10:45

When I was growing up, I used to imagine myself becoming a mother someday, holding my little girl with all the pride and joy a mom can possibly feel. When I found out my first was going to be a boy, I was devastated – until I figured out that I could simply mold you, son, into the daughter I always wanted. I love dressing you in frilly girl’s skirts and pink panties every day. You look so adorable with your hair in pigtails, the other at school have no idea that you’re really a boy. If only we could get those troublesome hormones of yours under control! You’ve been having too many erections lately, If you start showing the bulge of your girl-cock at school, people are going to know your secret! We can’t have that, can we? I have no choice but to make you jerk off to completion. Yes, you have to do it in front of me. I can’t trust you to do what I say without supervision. Here, suck on Mommy’s tits. I know you love to be breast fed, and it will help you along to a big orgasm. I have lots of milk for my special pretty girl. Drink up baby girl! Who’s Mommy’s princess? You are! Now when you shoot your sissy cum, make sure to catch every drop in your hand and lick it clean. I don’t want you making mess on your new frock. Lick up every drop of your spunk! I mean it! Good girl. Now straighten out your dress, pull up your panties, and run off to school.
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sissy Baby For Life

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sissy Baby For Life

mp4 | 218.66 MB | 1280×720 | 00:14:14

You saw my add on the internet: “Real sissy baby girls wanted for live-in nursery. Only SERIOUS applicants need apply.” It all sounded like so much fun in the beginning. You could live out your fantasy at last. But once you arrived at my place, I swiftly knocked you out and everything changed. When you wake up, you’re dressed in a frilly pink shirt, an extra thick diaper, and cute white baby booties. I lift up your legs and add a Disney princess diaper cover to the outfit. Don’t you look darling! But something is wrong. You can’t stand up any more. You can’t seem to think clearly. And your bowels . . . something is definitely wrong with your bowels. It feels like you could lose control of your toilet functions at any moment! As I explain to you that I don’t deal in short-term fantasies, that my specialty is to turn dabbling “adult baby” men into full time, life long sissy baby girls, you begin to panic. This wasn’t what you wanted! You just wanted to get your rocks off, and then return to your normal life as if nothing had happened. But it’s too late now. You’re in my nursery. And after you’ve gone through my training, you’ll never be the same again . . .
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Futa University

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Futa University

mp4 | 296.57 MB | 1280×720 | 00:18:55

Here at Futa University, we honor the timeless tradition of success through “suckcess.” If you want to make the most of your education, you’re going to have to learn how to expand your mind and eliminate your gag reflex. Your RA tells me that you haven’t given a single blowjob this entire semester. Unacceptable! Freshman year at college is a difficult for any student, but this stack of negative progress reports tells me you’re struggling more than usual.

As your dean, I feel it is my personal responsibility to take you under my wing and teach you how to integrate more effectively with the student body – specifically the human penis. My thick, throbbing cock is the perfect place to start. It’s time to get on your knees and wet your lips. I’ll tutor you in the art of sucking cock and swallowing cum.

Take my hard dick into your mouth and show me your dedication to education. Mmm, just like that. I see that my extra attention isn’t wasted on you after all! Now stroke yourself off as you work my shaft with your tongue and open up your throat. Cock worship isn’t a hard lesson to swallow. A double dose of cum is just what you need to make the lesson stick for life.

You do want to keep your financial aid, don’t you? Gulp down every drop of our cum without gagging, and I’ll consider keeping this meeting between us, without notifying your parents.
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Eat Cum, Or Else!

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Eat Cum, Or Else!

mp4 | 187 MB | 1280×720 | 00:12:12

Ever since you became engaged to my sister and met the rest of her family, there’s been sexual attention between you and I. Let’s face it. You can’t take your eyes off of my big, bountiful breasts. You’ve been staring at my cleavage this entire time, haven’t you!? Hah, I knew it! To be honest, I sometimes wear low-cut outfits just to catch your eye. Now that your new bride has gone out shopping and left us alone in the house, come a little closer and take a good look at what you’ve been coveting. It’s ok. You can pull your dick out. I know you want to play with it. Come on, I want to see what you’re working with! Atta boy. Mmm, I’m going to show you just how seductive my tits can be. Look, they slip out of my dress so easily. I love watching you get harder by the moment as I play with my little pink nipples. Enjoying yourself, honey? HAH, you sure are stupid. See my cell phone over there? I’ve had it recording us the entire time. Gee, it sure would fuck up your marital bliss if your new wife found out you wanted to pound her sister! But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you want this to stay our little secret, all you have to do is follow my instructions. I want you to jerk off for me. Stroke yourself off just like I tell you, and no cumming allowed until I give you the countdown. When you spunk, I want you to shoot into your own hand, and then – this is the important part – lick your palm clean. That’s right, bitch. You have to lap up your own sperm right in front of me, or pay the price of shame. Which is it going to be?
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Cum Eating For Lovers

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Cum Eating For Lovers

mp4 | 211.67 MB | 1280×720 | 00:13:49

I have to confess, darling, I’ve been looking through your internet history, and I found a few things that surprised me. You’ve been looking at websites I’ve never heard of before. Cum eating? Masturbation instruction? This is all new to me. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about these fetishes before!

Who are the women in those videos you downloaded? They’re all so beautiful. The things they say are so explicit. Telling you to get hard for them, telling you how and when to stroke your cock, giving you a countdown before you cum, and then . . . then telling you to eat your own orgasm. I’ve never heard of someone doing that.

No, sweetheart, don’t get so nervous. I’m not upset at all. I’m your girlfriend; we’re supposed to share everything with each other. I only wish that you’d told me about it sooner. Is this really what turns you on?

Let me satisfy you this time. If this is what gets you off, I don’t mind instructing you at all. In fact, the idea of you following my instructions and even tasting your own cum turns me on. You’re not the only one who’s been holding back their kinky side. Let me tell you what to do next. Take your pants off, watch me play with myself, and follow my every direction . . .
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Compelled To Eat Two Loads In A Row

mp4 | 177.67 MB | 1280×720 | 00:11:36

A-HAH! I’ve caught you sticky handed. I leave the room for five minutes, and you’re already trying to milk out another hot load from your cock. You really are the very picture of an addict. Look at you holding your cum like a you’ve got your hand caught in the cookie jar. You’re a filthy, cum sucking sperm slut!

Well, if you wanted it so badly, eat it up. That’s right, dear, in this household, our motto is “waste not, want not.” So lick up every drop of your semen, cum-whore. Eat it like a good cum dumpster.

My, that was a big load of spunk. You must have rubbed your cock nearly raw to get that much out. Are you sensitive now so soon after cumming? GOOD. Now’s the perfect time to jerk off some more. If you had to masturbate so badly that you went and did it without permission, I’m sure we can strangle another load out of your poor, overworked penis.

Don’t be gentle, slut. Work your cock harder and faster! Squeeze it tighter! I don’t care if it hurts. You’re going to cum again for me right here and now – and you’ll have to eat every drop of that load, too!
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Addicted To My Cum

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Addicted To My Cum

mp4 | 280.37 MB | 1280×720 | 00:18:21

Back again, I see. You just can’t stay away from this cock, can you? Well, if you want more of my Queen Sperm, you’re going to have to pay for it. Give me the money, and get on your knees, you spunk sucking faggot. Your addiction disgusts me. Look at you, on ground with your mouth open wide, begging for my cum like a gutter slut. Stroke your cock, whore. Show me your devotion. Make that prick of yours stand proud. Match me, stroke for stroke, pumping your hand in time to mine. But no matter how good it feels, you keep that whore mouth open and ready for my hot load. As a display of respect, I expect you to cum at the exact same time as I do, and not a moment before or after. Are you ready for me? Stick out your tongue and give me a nice landing place, bitch. I’m going to nut right down your wide open throat.
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sissy Roommate Takes A Self Facial

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Sissy Roommate Takes A Self Facial

mp4 | 196.23 MB | 1280×720 | 00:12:54

AH-HAH! We’ve caught you at last! Every since Star and I allowed you to move in with us, strange things have been happening around the house. First our panties started disappearing from the dirty laundry, then reappearing with big white stains in the crotch. Then, Star’s computer got a bunch of weird viruses and porno pop-up ads for “sissy gang bang” sites. We’ve been planning on catching you for weeks, and we finally found you red handed – wearing girly make up, stockings, a wig, and my dirty panties while stroking your cock to SISSY PORN on Star’s desktop!

We always suspected your true sissy nature. Of course you couldn’t hide it THAT well. Look how tiny your cock is. Your whole package is underdeveloped and fits neatly in a pair of panties. And look at your soft, tiny titties! You’re naturally rather feminine, aren’t you.

Tell you what, sissy. We won’t kick you out of the house. You’re going to be our new house slut and sissy maid. What should we do first? Whore you out? Make you clean on your hands and knees? You’re going to have to do something to atone for all that sneaking around . . . I know . . . you’ll have to take a hot, creamy facial from the tip of your own little girl-cock. If you want to be a cum-slut so bad, sissy, now’s your chance!
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Good Whores Get Rewarded, Bad Whores Get The Shears

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Good Whores Get Rewarded, Bad Whores Get The Shears

mp4 | 202.08 MB | 1280×720 | 00:13:13

It’s a rare thing to find a natural cum-slut like you, who needs to drink semen like the rest of us humans need oxygen. Your own cum, other men’s cum, even cum from an anonymous cock sticking out of a glory hole. You don’t care. You want to drink it all. I have just the place for a sissy like you in my stable of whores. I’ll dress you up like a sissy tart and put you out on the street-corner. You’ll be working for me, now. Tell the boys it’s $20 dollars a blowjob, no wait, make it $15 dollars a blowjob – swallowing included. You’ll be turning tricks in volume in no time at all.

Remember, I want you to come back with NO LESS THAN $200 A NIGHT. If you do a good job, then I’ll reward you with the carnal delights of my big soft tits and firm round ass. I’ll even let you lick my asshole and sniff my panties. Sounds pretty great, right? All the cum you can drink and the chance to worship my ass? Well it is a sweet deal. Just don’t fail me out there. If I hear you’ve been using your teeth during blowjobs, or if you don’t make enough money, I’ll send my thugs over to break your pretty face.

Fail me often enough, and you’ll be getting the shears. That little cock of yours isn’t much of an attraction, but I’m sure you’re very attached to it. You wouldn’t want to lose in on the chopping block, would you? You wouldn’t be the first uppity whose tail I’ve docked. Don’t push me. Just do as you’re told. Now get your ass out there and suck some dick!
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Diaper Punishment For My Sissy Baby

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Diaper Punishment For My Sissy Baby

mp4 | 190.57 MB | 1280×720 | 00:12:27

What’s this I hear about you refusing your man-milk bottles? One of my nannies told me you slapped it out of her hand this after noon. No, no no, this simply will not do.

I brought you to my nursery to make you a real full time sissy baby. No “lifestyle” games here. You can’t escape your fate. After the modifications I’ve made to your body and mind, you can’t survive outside of my care. There is no point in fighting your fate. You must embrace it.

It’s so ungrateful to refuse your bottles! Do you know how many men it takes to fill them? It’s a lot of work collecting the cum for you to drink. Well, if you won’t drink your bottle, then I won’t change your diaper. How about that? And by my calculations, that powerful laxative I slipped into your food should be kicking in any moment now. You won’t be able to hold back your boom boom, will you, girl? How long can you hold out while sitting in your own filth? You know that eventually you’ll have to submit to your fate and embrace your new life as my passive, adorable, helpless sissy baby.
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Therapist Induces Gay Size Queen Desires

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Therapist Induces Gay Size Queen Desires

mp4 | 371.06 MB | 1280×720 | 00:24:19

Welcome back for your second session. Still plagued by bisexual urges, huh? I still believe in the healing power of hypn0therapy, so if you’re willing to give it another try, we can begin to address your unwanted gay desires. Just relax and keep your eyes on the swinging watch . . . Hah, you fell into a trance even faster than last time! It’s such a pity that you trust me, when I’m the one converting you from a regular heterosexual guy to a cocksucking man-slut! Now that you’re under my control, open up your pants and take out your cock. We’re going to do a little arousal conditioning training. First I’ll tease you with my massive tits until your prick stands as stiff as a board. No touching yourself until I say! Then, when your arousal is at its peak, I’ll allow you to satisfy your cock while staring at images of extra-large erections. I’ve selected the biggest dicks I can find, to make sure you imprint on XXL man meat. We’ll repeat this process of arousal and masturbation until you’re a bona fide Size Queen. Your orgasm will seal your fate as you shoot your load for the biggest cock of the bunch – a purple, veiny 14 inch juggernaut! From now on, you’ll be day dreaming of taking hot loads from gay studs with endowments of equine proportions. Only the biggest, thickest, meatiest cocks can get you off. You’ll endure a sore jaw and a stretched-out ass as badges of accomplishment. When I snap my fingers, you’ll wake from your trance with my conditioning intact, but no memory of the devious exercise. Instead, you’ll think we had a banal conversation about your childhood experience with schoolyard bullies. See you the same time next week . . .
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Stepmom and Aunt Make You Eat Your Jizz

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love & Goddess Airen – Stepmom and Aunt Make You Eat Your Jizz

mp4 | 203.26 MB | 1280×720 | 00:13:17

I’m at my wits, end, son. Your masturbation habit is out of control. You can’t even behave while my sister is in town visiting. I never wanted your poor aunt to know about your filthy habits, but you’ve left me no choice. I’m taking her to lunch today, and I can’t trust you alone in the house. Last time I left you by yourself, I found a cum filled sock on the living room floor and a bill for $50 of pay per view porn!

Pull out your cock, son. You’re going to thoroughly drain those balls before your aunt and I leave. Yes, right here, in front of us. It’s the only way to be sure. And don’t you dare spill a drop of your spunk on the carpet. I slave every day keeping this house spotless. You’ll just have to lick your sticky, cum covered fingers clean!

Featuring Goddess Airen.
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Cum Eating Humiliation Games

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Cum Eating Humiliation Games

mp4 | 306.47 MB | 1280×720 | 00:20:08

What’s the matter, my little slut? Are those balls of yours aching for release? I know it’s been a while since your beloved latex Goddesses allowed you release. Patience is a virtue, slave. You’ll have to earn this orgasm. Show us your devotion. Do as we say and submit to our demands, and we’ll allow you the pleasure you seek.

You’re going to have to gather some materials for our game today. We’ll tell you what you need at the start of the session. Just remember, this won’t be quick or easy. We warned you!
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Porn Addicted Piggy

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Porn Addicted Piggy

mp4 | 229.7 MB | 1280×720 | 00:15:01

You crave it day and night. You’re obsessed. Some would even say, possessed. No matter how much you want to stop, you can’t quit. Don’t act so innocent. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re a slutty, perverted porn addict with one hell of a habit. You pound away at your cock for hours at a time, filling your eyes and ears with porno movies of every persuasion. It’s taking over your life. You can’t think about anything else anymore. You’re exactly where I want you – weak and begging for release. I’m going to be the one to make you cum today. With every stroke, you become more enchanted with my beauty, my assets, and my voice. You pump your cock the way I tell you to pump it. You slide a vibrating butt plug in your ass at my command. When I finally allow you to release your aching balls, you’ll be addicted to me forever: never able to quit masturbating to my image and a prisoner of your own pleasure.
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Cruel Sisters Make Brother Taste His Shame

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Cruel Sisters Make Brother Taste His Shame

mp4 | 223.31 MB | 1280×720 | 00:09:39

It’s time to confess! Who would have thought we’d have such a nasty perv for a brother? Yes, we know that you’ve been stealing our dirty laundry to play your twisted jerk off games alone in your room. Do you think we don’t know what you’re up to in there? It’s not like you’re subtle! You’re really in for it now! Since you insist on making your masturbation frenzies anything but secret, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. No hiding in your room in shame this time!

Stuff these filthy panties in your mouth and jerk your cock in front of us. You’d better stop hesitating, and do it. Do you want us to tell mom what you’ve been up to? Or even worse, Dad? That’s what we thought!

Now cum in your hand and lick up every drop! Your secret is safe with us, dirty boy, but only as long as you keep your sisters entertained!
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[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Your First Cum Eating Experience

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Your First Cum Eating Experience

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You don’t have to apologize for wanting my help. I understand how difficult it is to face your deepest desires. Every time you work up the nerve to finally taste your own cum, you chicken out just before you shoot your load. This time will be different. I’m here to coax and guide you. You won’t be able to hold back this time. No humiliation here. I’ll use my body to tease you into full arousal. Follow my instructions and experience the power of an orgasm you can’t resist. Just remember, once you’ve tasted your own cum, it changes you forever. You can never go back to the way you were.
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