[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Therapist Makes You Crave Black Cock

[LarkinLove] Larkin Love – Therapist Makes You Crave Black Cock

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Welcome back to my therapy practice. You’ve made so much progress since your first session. I’m so proud of you. I know you say your bi-curious fantasies are becoming stronger every day, but I see that as a good sign. You’re finally dealing with your repressed urges. Now, let’s begin today’s session. Just follow the swinging pocket watch with your eyes and let your body relax . . .

Hah, you idiot. You didn’t even notice the huge strap-on dildo I was wearing under my dress. Very poor powers of perception there, dummy. Every time I put you into a trance, you become a little more enamored with cock! Soon the changes will be completely irreversible, and you’ll spend the rest of your life as a gay cocksucking manwhore.

Today’s sexual fantasy induction features a very special dirty story – one about a tall, dark stranger with a thick, black dick. I’ll bid you to stroke yourself off as I describe in great detail how you’d do anything for a taste of dark meat and hot, salty black man’s cum. Pump your hand in synch with mine, as I show you on a big, black strap-on how you should beat your meat for maximum subconscious manipulation.

As your cock becomes impatient, I’ll teach you to imagine yourself on your knees with his swollen member fucking your throat. In vivid fantasy, you’ll feel him press your head down on his shaft until your lips touch his body and you can lap his balls with your tongue, and then shoot his mighty load of cum into your gullet whether you want it or not. As your fantasy black cock gives you a mouthfull, so shall I bid you to cum in the real world. Under the influence of my trance, your orgasm seals your fate. From now on, you will crave big black dicks more than anything else in the world. You won’t be able to achieve orgasm from the thought of anything else.

With a snap of my fingers, you wake up from your trance, remembering nothing. My smile puts you at ease. But somehow at the back of your mind, you feel . . . different.
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