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[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Punishment for Stealing

[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Punishment for Stealing

mp4 | 1096.3 MB | 1280×720 | 00:29:02

Scene One: Taking money

“I need money” Molly tells her dad. “When don’t you need money. You’re not getting anything out of me” He says leaving. Looking down she notices that dad forgot his wallet. She pulls out his credit card “Sweet, I’m going shopping!” she giggles leaving the house. It’s not long before dad figures out that she took his money.

Molly comes back home with bags in hand. She bought some things and promises her daddy she didn’t spend too much. He pulls her over his knees “Bad girls get treated like bad girls and get spanked” he yells at her slapping her ass. “Oww Oww” she yells. “Go see your mother” he snaps

Mom has an outfit for her to put on as part of her punishment. Molly comes back to her daddy wearing heels and fishnet pantyhose. He puts cuffs on her wrists and ankles having big plans for her. Facing him he makes her pull out her breasts out of the top of her shirt and pinch and pull her nipples. Molly’s face is one of pain as she obeys her daddy’s commands. He makes her face the wall and spread her hands and legs. Pulling down her pantyhose and thong he spanks her hard making her cry out.

Scene Two: Paying with a red ass

Grabbing her ponytail daddy pulls her to the ground and shoves his cock into her mouth. Molly gags against him as she is mouth fucked. Dad takes off his belt and whips her ass as she sucks him. Her painful cries are muffled by her full mouth.

He hits her with his belt over and over around the room. With her ass red he gets behind her and fucks her. Her screams are deafening as dad continues to whip her and fuck her pulling on her hair. “Have you learned your lesson yet?” dad asks. “YES” Molly screams as the whip slaps her ass hard.

Scene Three: Yes daddy

Daddy commands her to take off her stockings and underwear. Putting her heels back on Molly is desperate to make the punishment stop. “You’re going to come over here and ride my cock” Daddy tells her. With tears in her eyes Molly slides down onto her father fucking him.

She has never been treated so badly as her father slaps her ass. With gasping breaths Molly is fucked until her body aches. “Get into the bedroom” her daddy yells.

Pushing Molly onto the bed he connects her cuffs wrists to ankle putting her in a permanent ass up position. He fucks her mouth again “Are you sorry for stealing my money?” he asks. “YES DADDY” She screams her ass being slapped.

Scene Four: Learning a lesson

Pushing her face down on the bed he fucks her hard making her scream and moan. Fucking her raw he makes her present his ass for him and he whips it again. He makes her promise never to steal from him or her mother again, her answers coming between painful belt whips.

She gasps as he fucks her again, destroying her completely. Just when she thinks he’s done he pulls her to the floor to take his cum into her open mouth. With her mouth full of cum he shoves his cock into her mouth and face fucks her one last time, force feeding her the cum. “No more stealing money” he says. “I promise” Molly squeaks nearly crying.

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[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Daughter Saves Our Marriage (In My Ass Daddy)

[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Daughter Saves Our Marriage (In My Ass Daddy)

mp4 | 196.22 MB | 1280×720 | 00:07:28

Scene Three: Early morning daughter
Molly’s dad comes home very early after being out all night. Cory will be pissed at him unless Molly can cover for him. He slips into bed with his half naked daughter and it doesn’t take long for him to start rubbing her pussy. They hold each other and start to fuck. Her loud moans are uncontrollable with her mom sleeping just next door.

Dad lubes up his daughter’s ass and slides in his cock. She asks him what he’s doing and he responds that his wife never lets him fuck her ass. “Fuck me daddy” she cries. The feeling is too much for Molly and she cums on his shaft fucking her ass.

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[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – Thanking Daddy

[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – Thanking Daddy

mp4 | 1798.09 MB | 1280×720 | 00:44:47

Scene One: Back from school
Your daughter Dillion has just graduated college but can’t find a job. After weeks of looking she finally found one, but it doesn’t have anything to do with her degree. She calls you into the living room to thank you for everything you have done for her. Paying for college, letting her live with you. But she needs to start making her own way through the world and being a stripper is a good way to start making money.

Your not happy about your daughter stripping and grinding on strange men. Dillion starts to dance for you to show you how good she can strip and to ask for you to give her pointers. She takes off her cloths leaving you speechless. “Do you like it? Daddy are you getting a boner?” she asks unzipping your pants. “Oh Daddy” she giggles as she puts your cock into her mouth. Your daughter sucks you, begging for your cum until you explode in her mouth. Drinking it all down she tells you “Thank you daddy”

Scene Two: Daddy’s Fantasy
Her dad’s hard cock has been on her mind all night long. Dillion can’t control her thoughts and her pussy aches with need. Standing naked outside his room she rubs herself debating going in. She’s so horny that she takes a chance and sneaks in.

So she slowly pulls down his shorts, careful not to wake him and begins to suck on his cock. It gets hard in her mouth as he dreams of his daughter. Rock hard, she slides onto him and rides him. She loses herself in fucking him getting off. Suddenly he jerks and cums inside her.

Scene Three: Dillion’s Fantasy
Dillion’s father has been dreaming of her non-stop. He has been having the most intense sexual dreams about her. He can’t help but sneak into her room to find her naked on top of her sheets. He reaches out a hand to touch her warm body and he is driven with need.

He pushes his cock into her and thrusts. He fucks her faster and faster. Dillion has fantasized about fucking her dad as her dad fucks her. Her hand softly touches her breasts as she’s fucked. With one last thrust he cums inside her and quickly leaves. Dillion’s eyes flutter as she feels herself. “Why am I so wet?” she asks. Looking around the room she finds her fathers shirt.

Scene Four: The talk
Dillion wants to talk to you about what happened last night. She found your pants on her bed and knows you fucked her while she slept. But what you don’t know is that she did the same thing to you. That dream you had wasn’t a dream but your own daughter fucking you silly. With all the emotions out in the air, father and daughter come together.

You take off your daughter bra and play with her large tits. She strips out of her clothes and sucks you hard before she rides on top of you, right there on the living room floor. You push her up against the couch and fuck her from behind, thrusting deep inside her tight pussy. As you get to the edge of cumming she gets to the floor and you shoot your cum into her mouth. Drinking it, with cum covering her lips, Dillion tells her that she will fuck you any time you want.

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[Clips4Sale] Brooklyn Daniels – Bad Daughters Never Win

[BareBackStudios / Clips4Sale] Brooklyn Daniels – Bad Daughters Never Win

mp4 | 1199.16 MB | 1280×720 | 00:39:56

Scene One: Convincing dad
Brooklyn has just been grounded from spring break by her mom Cory, but she has a plan to get ungrounded. She invites her dad to her room and tells him how unfair it is that she’s grounded. She just bought all this new clothing and gives her dad a show of her new underwear. She shows him what she would do to all the boys and grinds on him in her lacy underwear.
Taking out his cock she sucks him, saying that he should talk to mom. A knock on the door and Cory bursts in the room. Dad quickly covers his daughter with a blanket as she continues to suck him. Cory asks if he has seen Brooklyn and reminds him about dinner that night. As soon as she leaves he cums in his daughter’s mouth. With a swallow Brooklyn tells him that he can have that every night if he lets her go on spring break.

Scene Two: Convincing mom
Dad did nothing to help her so Brooklyn goes to work on her mom. Cory is in her room reading when Brooklyn walks in dressed in lingerie. Cory asks her what she is doing but Brooklyn silences her with a kiss. Attacking Cory with her hands and mouth she makes her mom moan.
As Brooklyn licks her pussy a knock comes from the door and Cory quickly covers up her daughter. Dad comes in to talk to Cory about dinner that night. Brooklyn continues to lick her moms pussy, and as they talk Cory cums. Dad asks if she is feeling alright and goes to get her some medicine.

Scene Three: Tied up
Brooklyn sends her dad a text message with her sprawled out naked on the bed. Then going into the living room she tells him that if he doesn’t fix her problem that she is going to tell mom. Dad says fine and goes upstairs. Instead of talking to mom he comes back with rope and ties up his little girl.
Stripping her to her underwear he makes her suck his cock and spanks her ass. Cory comes downstairs and sees him spanking Brooklyn. She gives her a few good slaps for dressing like a slut and leaves. When Cory is gone he fucks Brooklyn like the bad little girl she is being. With one last thrust he cums deep inside her and leaves her tied up on the floor.

Scene Four: Who needs spring break
Brooklyn walks into her daddy’s bedroom with a sad look. Today is the last day of spring break and she has not even left the house. Dad tells her that unless she does as he says he will send that naked picture of herself to all her friends at school. He makes her strip naked and suck his cock.
“But mom” Brooklyn says catching her breath. Cory walks in and tells her that she knew all along and that this is Brooklyn’s punishment for being a bad girl. She commands her daughter to fuck her husband. He fucks her until she has one screaming orgasm after another. He shoots his hot load on Brooklyn’s face and Cory gives her a kiss. That’s that way to end a vacation.

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[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – I Love My Daddy

[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – I Love My Daddy

wmv | 1477.62 MB | 1280×720 | 00:38:42

Scene One: Camping trip
Dillion and her dad have a backyard camping trip planned just the two of them, But because of the rain the back yard camping trip has turned into a living room sleepover. Dad takes his sleeping pill kisses his daughter good night and falls asleep. But Dillion can’t sleep. Throwing open her sleeping bag Dillion checks to see if her dad is asleep and begins to masturbate. She pulls down her panties and pulls up her shirt rubbing herself. Her eyes light with a devious look and she pulls her fathers hand to her pussy. As she masturbates with her fathers hand, her moans bring her mom into the living room.
Dillion quickly covers herself, her dads hand still on her pussy and talks to her mom . Cory goes back to bed and Dillon pulls her sleeping dad’s covers back. She hesitantly jerks and sucks her dad’s sleeping dick careful not to wake him. Once hard she gets on top of him and fucks him softly. He starts to toss and turn as her fucking gets harder and harder until she cums. Dillion gets back into her sleeping bag and her dad wakes up wondering what the hell kind of dream that was.

Scene Two:I love you dad
Dillion sits next to her dad and gathers the courage to talk to him. “I’m in love with you dad†she tells him and explains through his confusion that he is the love of her life. “I only want to be with you†She rubs his crotch, needing to feel him inside her again. “ I love you daddy†she says sucking his cock into her mouth.
She pulls off her panties and rides on top of him. She fucks him with a look of lust, arching her back. Cory comes into the room and asks if Dillion needs anything from the store and sees her daughter on top of her husband. “We’re just playing mom†she tells Cory, her father’s cock deep inside her. Cory gives her daughter a “I love you†and leaves for the mall. As soon as she is gone dad pushes her down onto the bench and fucks her until he makes her cum.

Scene Three: Mom is by the pool
Cory is going out to the pool and asks her husand and daughter if they want to join her. As soon as Cory leaves Dillion says “I want you to fuck me”. Dad tells her that mom is right outside the window. “All she has to do is look in” he says, but Dillion only smiles and hikes up her skirt.
“Oh daddy†she screams, his cock ramming her into the table. He sets his little girl on a chair and pulls out her huge tits. Dillion moans, her dad licking her nipples and fucking her pussy. Lost in lust not caring if her mom sees her, she jumps on her father and rides him. Seeing Cory getting ready to come back in they quickly throw on their clothes and sit back at the table. Cory comes in and asks if they are ready to go out to the pool yet. They give each other knowing looks and leave Cory with a questioning stare.

Scene Four: Late night surprise
Cory has taken a sleeping pill for the night and dad lays awake thinking. Dillion slowly opens the door and walks into her fathers bedroom dressed in her underwear. “Fuck me daddy, it will help you sleep†she says as she strips off her underwear and tosses one leg over her mom’s body. She starts masturbating for him enticing him to fuck her on top of Cory.
He takes her hard, rocking the bed from his thrusts. Lust taking them they don’t care if they wake Cory. “Cum on my face Daddy†Dillion screams and takes his load on her face and mouth. “Thanks daddy†she says and leaves to let mom sleep.

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[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Mindwarp Rings

[Clips4Sale] Molly Jane – Mindwarp Rings

mp4 | 1456.49 MB | 1280×720 | 00:43:20

Scene One: Son becomes a man
Dad and son are sitting at the table when the son tells a dark secret. “I want to have sex with mom” he says. The dad laughs and begins to describe an ancient device that controls women. That can’t be real the son thinks as dad calls in his wife Cory. “Submissive slut ready for command” Cory says with a permanent smile glued to her face.

Making Cory take off her ring dad explains to her that she is a sex slave. Cory doesn’t believe it until the ring goes back on her turning her into a mindwarped slave again. He gives his son the other mindwarp ring and gives him the power to be a man.

He tracks down his sister Molly and convinces her to put the ring on. “You’re a pervert” Molly says putting on the ring. “Submissive sex slut ready for command” she says, standing up with a blank expression. His first task is to have them strip naked. Molly has some trouble and needs her mom to help with her jeans, but soon their naked and on the couch legs spread waiting for their masters command. Alex commands them to rub each other, watching as his mom and sister bring each other to orgasm. Their dual moans, make his fantasy come true. “Orgasm complete” the girls say.

Scene Two: Family suck off
“Get on your knees” he tells them. “Yes master I will obey” they respond, looking up at him with blank expressions. He makes them suck his cock. Their heads taking turns mechanically sucking him. His greatest fantasy come to life as his hot mother and sister pleasure him. He forces them to suck and lick on his balls. Mom watches her daughter sucking her sons cock like a good slave

Scene Three: Filling up my sister
With his cock hard and wet he makes his sister lay on the couch and fucks her. “Oh, oh” She repeats mechanically as she is filled by him.

“Does this please you master?” She asks as he fucks her. He pulls her on top of him and Molly rides the hard cock. He fucks her all over the couch until he shoots his hot load of cum inside her.

Scene Four: Slave loves anal
“I love anal” Molly says as Alex brings his dad into the room. He asks what’s going on. Molly asks for both their cocks. “I want double penetration” she asks in her robotic voice. With her dad’s cock in her mouth and her brother’s cock in her pussy Molly gets drilled from both ends.

“I love anal” She repeats as her father shoves his cock into her tight ass. “Oh Oh” she says as she sucks her brothers hard cock and gets plowed in her ass by her father.

Molly gets on top of her brother and fucks him. As she rides her father pushes her down and slides his cock inside her ass again. With both holes being filled by the men, Molly does as she commands and fucks as hard as she can.

On her back Molly continues to be fucked and licks balls until her brother explodes over her face. His hot cum makes her say “Thank you master” Dad follows with a cum shot of his own over her covered face. “Thank you master” She mumbles with cum covered lips.

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[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – Daughters New Arrangement

[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – Daughters New Arrangement

mp4 | 1851.87 MB | 1280×720 | 00:46:59

Intro – Mom and dad have a discussion. Due to mother being overworked and in the blahs, and not able to complete her wifely duties the decision to divorce or let dad screw around are the only two possibilities to make it work. Mom decides to let dad fuck around with anyone he wants to, mom is ambivalent as to whom….(mom goes to work)

Scene 1 – Daddy’s princess – F/D
Dad later goes to daughters room, she left a schoolbook laying around and he finds laying haphazardly near the bed, wet cummy underwear, sextoy and perhaps and porn. Dad gets a thought!
Daughter comes home and dad confronts her in her bedroom as she is hiding the contraband. He explains the situation with mom, how he is desperate for sex but hasn’t thought about anyone since he met mom. well Almost no one…. Daughter wants to help but has no ideas, asks who it is. Dad says her. She gets excited has fantasized for a while but isn’t THAT experienced, only one blowjob, no anal and only had sex with her boyfriend a few short times and would be horrified if mom knew. Dad says mom doesn’t need to know who it is and won’t tell her, doesn’t care about inexperience, wants to teach her. Sex ensues, probably Cunnilingus to start for her comfort, blow job for knowledge and to please daddy.

Scene 2 – Princess’s slutty side F/D
Dad and daughter, next day…
Living room, mom is at work again… Each worried about how the other is dealing, dad hasn’t told mom yet and will not tell her it is daughter and means it. Daughter confessed he made her feel better than she ever has and if he can fuck his little princess treat her like he does mommy! Sex becomes more vigorous after daughter gets into it, “fuck your princess like a naughty slut” and dad obliges with roughness. Daughter says being slutty feels great, shame Mom doesn’t feel that way, maybe sharing our love with mommy like this together will cheer her up and make her feel like we do!

Scene 3 – Warming mom up
Dad says he wants to talk to mom, he found someone to help him but loves her very much still. Mom apologizes for the situation, but she has time to be with him now. Dad describes the other lover (but doesn’t tell mom who it is) mom gets worked up and asks who it is, then backs up…. I’m horny… tell me more… sucks off dad as he tells her about the other woman’s body, and sex they had (inexperienced but enthusiastic etc.) Mom cant take it anymore and is overcome and presents herself in doggie and wants to fuck right then and there.. sex talk varies between how much they have both missed this to differences/similarities between the other woman’s pussy and moms. In the heat of fucking dad blurts out that the other woman wants to have a three-way, this turns mom on GREATLY and they both explode in orgasms. Mom still doesn’t want to know who it is really. Dad says he will set it up, but wants mom to be blindfolded since she doesn’t want to know who it is still…Mom agrees.

Scene 4 – Family that plays together F/M/D
Mom and dads bedroom, mom is on bed and blindfolded, dad leads daughter to bedroom as they kiss, daughter ecstatic and dad shushing her to stay quiet. Dad asks mom if she is ready for the time of her life and all the focus on her instead of work. Mom gets incredibly turned on and nods, daughter starts by feeling moms breasts and eventually dad encourages daughter to go down on her mom, dad helps daughter/caresses breast/makes out with mom, after a minute mom gets too curious and takes off the blindfold, staring down at her own daughter eating her out! Mom is upset at first “You fucked our daughter??? YOUR PRINCESS???” but daughter fingers moms pussy and said the threesome was her idea, shes NOT a little girl anymore and she wanted mommy to feel as loved as daddy and daughter were together etc. Mom lets into lust and is happy it is her daughter, daughter asks daddy to fuck her everyone does their sex thing and ends with dad finishing off on daughter/mom faces. Everyone is happy they could be soo close, mom remarks she needs to spend less time at work!

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[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – You are Next Bro

[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – You are Next Bro

wmv | 1124.46 MB | 1280×720 | 00:29:28

Scene One: Previous Client (Dad)
You have an appointment with Dillion at her house, but getting their a little early she tells you that she is with someone at the moment (Dad) and that she will be right with you. You sneak in to see Dillion sucking on a large cock. She looks at you but keeps sucking, letting you see her in action. Dillion strips off her clothes and pulls herself up on the counter as the man licks her tight pussy. She moans with pleasure when his hard cock starts to fuck her. Her big tits bounce up and down as he thrusts inside her. Dillion is flipped over and moans loudly as the fucking gets faster until he cums inside her.

Scene Two: Your Turn Bro
Dillion is cleaned up, dressed and ready to see you now. She tells you to feel her large natural breasts as she explains the rules about this visit to you. She pulls open her jeans for you to feel how wet her pussy is, giggling and moaning as you touch her. She tells you she is going to suck your cock. Getting to her knees she starts by slowly and lovingly sucking your cock. As you get harder Dillion sucks faster and deeper sending shivers of pleasure up your body with her tongue.
She stands up and pulls down her jeans and black lacy thong and wiggles her ass for you on the bed. She tells you to slap her ass with your cock and fuck her from behind. You slide your dick inside your Sister’s tight pussy and fuck her.

Scene Three: Premium Service – For My Brother
Dillion tells you that she wants to ride you now. Laying you on the bed she guides your cock inside of her and pulls off her top revealing her huge tits. She lets you squeeze her breasts and bounces on your cock giggling with delight. Fucking you, Dillion lets out moan after moan feeling each deep fuck.

Flipping her around you grab and spank her ass. She continues to fuck you until she cums hard on your cock. She turns around and asks that you titty fuck her. You rub your pussy wet dick between her big tits as she looks at you and moans. She opens her mouth and she begins to suck on your cock again. Sucking and jerking Dillion forces the orgasm out of you and you cum all over her young face. She smiles licking her cum soaked lips, “Bye Bro!”

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[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – Teaching My Daughter About Men

[Clips4Sale] Dillion Carter – Teaching My Daughter About Men

mp4 | 1018.76 MB | 1280×720 | 00:27:11

Scene One: How to pleasure men
Cory has an strange way of teaching her daughter about life. Dillion is finally at an age where she needs to be taught a few things. So she brings her in to give Dillion the talk. Cory pulls down her pants to Dillion’s shock. Cory starts by making out with her daughter and eating her young pussy. Dillion gives her mother looks of pleasure with a hunger for more, maybe the real thing next.

Scene Two: How to fuck men
Mom brings Dillion in to see her daddy. Cory pulls down his pants to Dillion’s shock. Cory starts by making her daughter jerk the cock.

Cory pulls down Dillion’s pants and presents her daughter for dad to fuck. Dillion moans in pleasure as daddy fucks her for the first time.

She teaches her not only how to get fucked but how to fuck back. She puts her husband on the floor and lets Dillion ride him. She cums just as her dad shoots his load inside her.

Now ready Cory shows her daughter the most important trick, how to take a load. She jerks him into Dillion’s mouth and cum dribbles out onto her tits after her dad cums for them.

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