[iWantClips] Kendra Kennedy – Who’s the Boss (That’s right I am)

[iWantClips] Kendra Kennedy – Who’s the Boss? (That’s right, I am)

mp4 | 616.32 MB | 1280×720 | 00:17:12

You thought it’d be fun to hire a hot secretary. Finally, some eye candy around the office to do your work. But you’re about to find out that Kendra works for NO man. Just like every other man, you become WEAK for me as soon as I turn on the charm. You want to make ME happy. You fall deeper and deeper under my spell as you get turned on. You might control the company, but by the time I’m done, I will control you. You will want nothing but to make money for ME. That’s a good boy.. I mean, "Boss"! Read More »

[iWantClips] CearaLynch – Yonatan’s Vacation

[iWantClips] CearaLynch – Yonatan’s Vacation

mp4 | 193.36 MB | 720×576 | 00:08:59

Custom clip: "It’s a clip about the "vacation" I’m having. It’s my first vacation with my gf and all I can think of is you. It kills me that I can’t watch your clips or chat with you. Please explain to me that I shodnt take vacations and lagh about how Much you fucked me up.. The attached picture reflects this vacation: it was taken in the early morning in the hotel after I staid awake the whole night waiting for you to send me pictures of you. (i was like this the entire night). You can see my gf feet as she was sleeping next to me. In the morning, when I told her I couldn’t fAll asleep she wanted to give me sleeping pills. Of course, the only thing that helped was the photos you sent the day after. Please do sph (this is as big as it gets). It would be great if you wear a sexy outfit and during the clip take it off to a bra and a thong…please use my name and dispose me with humiliation and teasing… Read More »

[Clips4Sale] Shawna Lenee – Extreme Edging 101

[Clips4Sale] Shawna Lenee – Extreme Edging 101

mp4 | 810.87 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:14:19

Mistress Shawna is all about edging games. She loves to cock tease her pets, edging them to horny desperation. Shawna strokes his cock hen slides it in between her legs against her pussy, the slave is helpless in bondage at the complete mercy of her sexual torments. She edges his cock over and over making him brave every delicate stroke to his hard cock. Edging is such a fun game for the Mistress. The slave suffers in complete sexual frustration until the slights tap of her finger will make him explode, and it does… She teases & trains his cock to have a no-touch orgasm.

One of the sexiest and most intense edging experiences you will ever watch!

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[iWantClips] CandyGlitter – Dr.Lexi Diagnoses Your

[iWantClips] CandyGlitter – Dr.Lexi Diagnoses Your Micropenis

mp4 | 679.13 MB | 1736×1080 | 00:09:35

You�ve come to see your doctor about your cock. You�ve noticed it�s smaller than average, and you are wondering if the doctor has any ideas about increasing the size. After doing an initial exam, she asks that you remove your pants. �It is quite small� she remarks as she stares at your flaccid penis. Perhaps if we get it hard, it will grow. She pulls out her breasts,it�s medically necessary for you to be visually stimulated! You stare at her perfect breasts and your penis becomes erect. �Wow, it�s still the same size! Most of the time, as the penis becomes erect it grows considerably in size�. She covers herself up and gives you your diagnosis. You have a micropenis! There�s not much you can do about it. Perhaps the nurse can give you a pamphlet regarding supplements that might help, but if I�m being honest, there�s probably not much you can do to increase the size. �Sorry, I shouldn�t laugh� she says. Your doctor can�t hold her laughter back, your dick one of the smallest she�s seen in her profession! Read More »

Goddess Christina – [iWantClips] Erotic Goddess Christina

Goddess Christina

Your Gorgeous, Greedy, Redhead Goddess. I want it all! $$$ #Findom

My red hair, irresistible personality, and femdom seductress style have stood out in the industry for some time now. As a result, I’ve become a top seller everywhere my clips are sold. My inbox is constantly full of potential slaves wanting to serve. I’m a very dominant person in all areas of my life. I’m not the kind of person that takes orders. I’m always in control. Follow me on Twitter @EroticGoddessXX

Goddess Christina

Female Domination, Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Humiliation, and Fetish Video Clips

I’m a Goddess and I will be addressed as such. I’m your secret addiction. Your new religion. You just can’t get enough! You can feel yourself growing weaker and weaker the more you worship me, my brilliant mind, and my perfect body…

Your place is at my feet slave. Don’t you ever forget that. I enjoy a variety of fetishes: Body worship (ass, tits, legs, feet, etc.), Goddess worship, humiliation, JOI, CEI, SPH, CBT, tease and denial, orgasm control, sissification, cuckolding, coerced bi, coerced intoxication and more. Financial Domination is at the top of these. My fetish is money and I want yours! I love when you’re so weak for me that you strive to give me everything that I want. That is your purpose after all. To give me EVERYTHING that I want. Take note slave. That is your first lesson!

I love to be pampered. Massages, hair & nail appointments, receiving gifts in the mail – I expect it all from you! I LOVE to shop. You will be fueling this addiction piggy! Start NOW  Impress me! *Snap Snap!

Follow me on Twitter. I tweet receipts that you have the wonderful luxury of reimbursing me for and I frequently enjoy fucking with your head as I tease you with my HOT pics! @EroticGoddessxx

Know that I DO NOT get naked in my clips! I do not do piss/scat/puke and I will NEVER take orders from anyone. I don’t put up with bullshit. You will be ignored and banned. I also will not participate in non-consensual blackmail (only blackmail fantasy) and I DO NOT accept Google Wallet. You will tribute through my clip store links!

Age: Guess
Birthday: Nov 6

Location: US
Sign: Scorpio
Dress: 2
Panty: Small

Bra: 34D
Shoes: 9 US
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 110 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Long Red Beautiful Waves
Eyes: Brown

Goddess Christina Favorites

Colors: Mint

Meal & Drink: Steak, Potato, Salad and Wine

Restaurants: Sharky’s on the Pier

Stores: Whole Foods, Target, Kohls

Music: Rock

Clothing: Victorias Secret, Bebe, Sky, Asos, Revolve, Nordstrom, Kohls

Candy: Snickers & Dark Chocolate

Perfume: CK Euphoria

Makeup: Lorac, Urban Decay – Sephora Gift Cards rock- send them here!

Candles: Bath & Body Works, White Barn

Favorite Gift Cards: Amazon, Victorias Secret, Whole Foods, Visa Virtual eGift Cards

Moan For Me
Published Dec 17, 2016
Bondage, Tease & Denial
I know I can easily get you to agree to play many of my little games. It’s so simple to seduce you right into my plans. All I have to do is get you hard and from there I do all of the decision making. You agree so effortlessly. You love being bound by my perfection. So when I tell you that I want to tie you up and see how hard I can make you — you can’t resist. You are all too eager to be touched by me. Now look what I’ve done to you. You’re dripping and dying to stroke yet all you can do is moan. Moan for me bitch!
#Ass Worship, #Body Worship, #Bondage, #Femdom POV, #Goddess Worship, #Orgasm Control, #Orgasm Denial, #POV, #Tease & Denial, #Tit Worship,
Day 11 Sexless Xmas Jerk Off: Twelve Days of Christina
Published Dec 12, 2016
Humiliation, Masturbation Instruction
I know who won’t be getting any pussy this year. You loser! No pussy for you this Christmas. It’s your sexless Xmas. Just you and your hand as usual. I’ll help you realize that this is your life. It’s just the way it’s supposed to be. You’re meant to jerk for me. You were meant to find me and serve me. It’s fulfilling for you to sit there and pound away. It feels amazing cumming for me. It feels even better to be called my loser. You’re never going to get a girl like me. You’re never going to experience someone so perfect and so beautiful. This is what you really want. To worship, serve, and give to me.
#Ass Worship, #Big Tits, #Body Worship, #Female Domination, #Goddess Worship, #Humiliation, #Jerk Off Instruction, #JOI, #Masturbation Instruction, #Tit Worship,
Day 10 Loser Sleigh Ride: Twelve Days of Christmas
Published Dec 11, 2016
Masturbation Humiliation, Pillow Humping
Humpty dumpty sat on his Christmas sleigh. He imagined he was in a magical place. He opened his eyes and realized he was in the presence of perfection. So he immediately followed all of her directions. He rode and rode his Christmas sleigh…
#Brat Girls, #Bratty Goddess, #Female Domination, #Femdom POV, #Humiliating Task, #Masturbation Humiliation, #Masturbation Instruction, #Men Following Orders, #Pillow Humping, #Slave Task,
Day 2 O Holy Ass: Twelve Days of Christina
Published Dec 16, 2016
Ass Worship, Pussy Denial
Day 2 of Twelve Days of Christina. You are in the presence of holiness. Come close. So close you can smell me. I want it right in your face. O Holy Ass. Kiss it. Kiss my Holy Goddess Ass. It’s so perfect. It leaves you completely helpless. Rock hard. You’re mesmerized as I touch it. Jiggle it. Smack it. And that pussy. Look at that pussy. Any tiny hint that you can see. Get a good look at what isn’t for you. No not for you! Perfection is out of your league.
#Ass Fetish, #Ass Grabbing, #Ass Grinding, #Ass Shaking, #Ass Smacking, #Ass Smelling, #Ass Worship, #Cock Tease, #Holiday, #Pussy Worship,
Day 4 It’s Cold Outside: Twelve Days of Christina
Published Dec 16, 2016
Tease & Denial, Tit Worship
Day 4 of Twelve Days of Christina. It’s getting cold outside isn’t it. You know what that means right? Hard nipples all the time! My man has no complaints about it. He’s the lucky stud that gets to lick, suck, and play with them. But that’s something a loser like you wouldn’t know anything about. Hot hard nipples aren’t for losers. You don’t get to touch them. No way. You just get to look at these hot hard nips through my shirt. It’s too bad isn’t it. But you’ll take what you can get won’t you!?
#Big Boobs, #Big Tits, #Brat Girls, #Cock Tease, #Female Domination, #Femdom POV, #Holiday, #Orgasm Control, #Tease & Denial, #Tit Worship,
Published Nov 23, 2016
Jerk Off Instruction, JOI Games
Want to play a little game with me today slave? It’s called Jerk As I Do. The rules are pretty self explanatory. 1 – You watch me stroke this nice big cock and jerk yours just as I do. No slower and no faster. You do it just like me. AND 2 – you don’t cum until I say so. I know you’ve fantasized about me controlling your cock and your orgasms. Now you get to feel me do exactly that. I can take you from a slow tease to a hard hand banging. I’ll control every motion, stroke, and squeeze. Only I know and only I decide.
#Cum Countdown, #Jerk Off Instruction, #JOI, #JOI Games, #Masturbation, #Masturbation Encouragement, #Masturbation Games, #Masturbation Instruction, #Orgasm Control,
Published Nov 22, 2016
Love Addiction, Magic Control
Custom. No name used. Request: You’re a college student and you know your chemistry partner has a Cru.sh on you. You learn that he has developed a formula that he made into a chewing gum which is supposed to give you total control over men. You want his formula.
You enter the room dressed to seduce so that you may try this gum and see its effects and steal it for yourself. You are wearing an outfit that shows a lot of stomach/curves/cleavage/legs. You seductively ask him to try this “gum” for yourself and flaunt your figure at him. He asks you out for real and you huff “maybe.” You see two packs of gum on the counter and snatch one. You feel a warm feeling. It starts to do a sort of transformation on you. You feel this magical coerce push you from behind and stumble forward shaking your head.”WHOA! What the? You feel weird,and start to smile wide, giggle, & twirl your hair. You try to seduce him with this huge smile, but when you try to tease and show off your outfit you get clumsy because you just can’t take your eyes off of him. The plan backfires and you are essentially head over heels for him now.
Flustered you really want control over this guy because now you have a Cru.sh on him. You try the other pack of gum now & feel lightheaded, shake your head, giggle, get bubbly and bouncy. You are confused, you say you feel “weird,” adjust your outfit to be more revealing, stumble holding your head, and feel vapid and bimbo-ish. You get very bubbly and bouncy in your movements, twirl your hair, say like a lot, become a bit vapid. You tell him you’ll be right back you want to get changed for your date and come back with…
#Adult Role Play, #Brat Girls, #college fantasy, #college girl, #Ditsy Blonde, #Hottie, #Love Addiction, #Magic Control, #Role Play, #Sexy Body,
Published Nov 17, 2016
Ass Worship, Cum Eating Instructions
Custom. Name used. Request: I cannot eat my load after I cum. You want to train me to do it. Assume I have a shot glass with a load of my cum saved up from last time. Make me jerk and edge while teasing me with your body, especially with your ass. Make me repeat things you want me to say. Feel free to improvise. While I jerk, ask me if I already organized some pairs of used dirty womens high-heels and order me to do so if not. Describe a bit how you will make me lick them clean in one of our next sessions – maybe you make me do other humiliating things like drinking my piss. But first you train me to eat my cum. So at the end, I have to cum on your command after a countdown. Some moments before i am allowed to cum, I have to eat, taste and swallow my saved load and then cum into the same shotglass, saving it for the next time. I can not eat my load after cumming because it is disgusting, but I feel obedient enough to save the load, to feel that humiliation again shortly before I cum next time. Ask me if it got better this time and if I’m able to eat the fresh load too. If not, it’s also ok for you if I save it and do it next time. Please wear black lingerie.
#Ass Worship, #CEI, #Cum Eating, #Cum Eating Instructions, #Cum Play, #Cum Swallowers, #Female Domination, #Femdom, #Femdom POV, #Men Following Orders,
Pay To Kiss It
Published Oct 22, 2016
Ass Worship, Financial Domination
I have such a perfect sexy round booty. You’re so lucky I let you worship it. You’re going to bow before it and admire it up close and personal today. Right in your face! Pucker up ass fene. You’ll kiss it when I command you to and you’ll pay it for the privilege. Be a good little ass kisser and thank my ass for being so hot!
#Ass Fetish, #Ass Grabbing, #Ass Grinding, #Ass Shaking, #Ass Smacking, #Ass Squishing, #Ass Worship, #Financial Domination, #Findom, #Tight Asses,

Natasha’s Bedroom Video Clips, Pics

Natasha’s Bedroom

I’m like the girl next door, but a whole lot more fun. Follow me on twitter @natashasbedroom.

Sensual femdom producer and goofball.

Natasha’s Bedroom – One Step Closer To Gay

This is the second part of my interactive “Gay Initiation” assignment series, designed to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. This clip can be enjoyed on its own or in sequence.

It’s time to venture closer to total gaydom, my future faggot. My next assignment will push and stretch your sexual limits, drawing on your own personal cock hungering fantasies to bring you closer to that point of no return, while still leaving you craving more. This is a two-part assignment, requiring proof of completion. Get ready, faggot. This assignment is going to put your gay impulses in overdrive.

Keywords: natasha, natasha’s bedroom, sissy, sissification, forced fem, cocksucker, slut training, cheerleader, uniform, cheerleading, feminize, pov, cocksucking, pigtails, big cocks

Natasha’s Bedroom – Forever Worthless: Humiliation Assignment

Natasha’s Bedroom – This clip is pure psychological torture.

We both know that you’re a loser, but you haven’t yet truly realized the true depths of your worthlessness. You still have hope that maybe, just maybe, you won’t always be a total failure, mindlessly jerking your useless life away. My skillful manipulation will shred apart what remains of your self-confidence and annihilate that last hope.

Buckle up and brace yourself for one of my cruelest clips yet.

Natasha’s Bedroom – Anal On Aces

Is lady luck on your side? My deck of cards will control your anal exploring jerk off session today. This game isn’t rigged; it’s totally up to chance. Whenever I pull an ace or a king, you’ll be opening up that tight little hole with the biggest dildo you can handle. But, you see, this game is about so much more than just playing with that asshole of yours: the cards will determine when you stroke, how fast, when you edge yourself to the very brink – plus, of course, if and when you’re finally allowed to explode with a big orgasm.

I just love playing these games with you. The element of randomness, the mystery of what will come needs, keeps you on your toes. In a game scenario, curiosity breed compliance. When will you have to pound yourself again? Will you be allowed to cum? Only one way to find out. It’s time to start playing my game…

Natasha’s Bedroom – A Better Sub

Femdom can be a very positive OR a very negative part of your life. There’s no denying that you’re submissive, that the need to obey is a fundamental, immutable part of yourself. It’s a drive you’ll always have. But I don’t want a battered and broken down sub with nothing left to give. I want a happy, healthy, vibrant boy at my feet.

Today’s lesson is about self-improvement. You’ll learn to accept your submissive needs and let go of the shame that sometimes clouds your mind. I’ll teach you how to strike a balance between femdom and the other, also important, parts of your life. You’ll have a set of ongoing assignments to complete – assignments that will make you into a better person and, by extension, a better sub.

Keywords: natasha, natasha’s bedroom, femdom, sensual domination, no humiliation, assignment, brunette, bra and panties, candid, sub training, pov, challenge, obedience, submission, addiction

Natasha’s Bedroom – Growth Hormone

You’re at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup when a beautiful nurse, wearing a surprisingly revealing uniform, walks in. She holds up a bra and panty set: “Put this on. We’ve done away with our normal hospital gowns. I know it’s strange for you, as a man, to wear lacy women’s lingerie like this, but it’ll make your exam today much easier to perform. Trust me – I’m a professional.”

You follow her instructions. You have to admit that the bra and panties feel awfully nice against your otherwise bare flesh. It feels natural, like this is what you were always meant to wear.

You groan as the nurse pulls out a syringe and cheerfully announces that you’re due for a vaccination. The cold needle dips into your veins, and then a momentary euphoria overcomes your body.

Almost immediately, you notice a strange sensation in your chest. It’s almost like something is inflating, like you’re growing a pair of…breasts. Could it be? The nurse reassures you: “It’s just a little bit of post-vaccination inflammation. Time for the next dose!”

It’s undeniable now. A budding pair of breasts is expanding outward from your previously flat chest. With the third dose, the speed of expansion increases. Growing bigger and bigger – you’re afraid, though you can’t help but admit to yourself that you’re enjoying it. This is what you’ve always secretly wanted, after all. The nurse smiles playfully as she watches your response. “I have to make a little confession,” she whispers…

Keywords: natasha, natasha’s bedroom, growth fetish, feminize, breast inflation, pov, medical, role play, nurse, be, expansion, transformation, futa, estrogen, inflation

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Bratty Bunny

bratty bunny c

Bratty Bunny It’s Never Enough! 💵 I dare you to fall in love💕

If you’re here, you more than likely know who I am. If you’ve been brought here by curiosity, then prepare to empty your wallets along with your pride and dignity.

To say that you’ll leave this site with an addiction to me is an understatement. So get on your knees, little man. Get ready to be left spent, used and abused…because with me it’s NEVER enough!

Before you go any further, bitchboy…let’s establish some rules.

 It’s Never Enough! I’m a greedy BRAT that takes money from weak submissive men. I toy with inferior men’s emotions, bodies, & wallets. I dare you to fall in love. I’m experienced in fetishes that I enjoy such as Financial Domination, Trance/mind fucking, mesmerizing clips, and so on… You’ll be hooked soon drone.

1. The #1 rule is, IT’S NEVER ENOUGH. This rule works both ways. You can never get enough of Me, your Goddess, and I can never get enough of your wallet.

2. You will address me as Goddess (Goddess Bunny works too), Miss Bunny, or (of course) Bratty Bunny.

3. I am superior to you in every way possible. You are here for ME and Me ONLY.

4. You will always show me respect, trust, and honesty.

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Larkin Love [MissLarkinLove]

 Larkin Love

Larkin Love

Larkin Love [MissLarkinLove]

AVN nominated Indie Pornstar. Role-play expert. Taboo fetishist. Cosplaying queen of kinky sex. Find my self-produced fetish, Femdom, and hardcore videos here. You will love these devious videos that are too hot and freaky for mainstream porn!

rowing up, I never believed those who told me that sex was forbidden, frightening, or wrong. As long as I can remember, I’ve seen the world around me in a sexual way. I knew early on that I wanted to share myself with everyone I possibly could.
Think of the photos and videos on this site as snapshots into my sexual imagination. You never know where you’re going to end up! My tastes are extremely diverse, and range from vanilla missionary-position fucking to twisted role-play fantasies in extreme fetish wear. I like to explore everything.

Push your limits a little and come play. It’s ok. I won’t tell.

Larkin Love is an American porn star and adult model noted for her fetish work and long tongue.

Her start in adult entertainment was stripping in a Texas strip club owned by Vinnie Paul of Pantera. She later then moved to Las Vegas to continue stripping, then landed in Los Angeles where she entered the adult industry.

Most of her scenes are made and distributed by her through her clip stores, some of which contain custom scenes.

Larkin Love ain’t your typical sweetie pie busty porn babe who wants to make you feel like you’re the only guy in the world for her. She’s an exotic fetish freak of a fuck star who will likely make you question everything you know about good-boy morality. This girl got her start as an exotic burlesque dancer, which means she appreciates the showmanship of a banging performance. It’s as if taking a boner and squeezing it between her massive jugs isn’t just about feeling good, but satisfying some deep artistic drive in her. With that said, when those ball sacks begin to brew and get ready to unleash a splattering of crystal jizz on her rack, it’s like throwing paint on a canvas, Jackson Pollack style. Larkin rocks the fetish clothes like no other: leather, shiny vinyl, PVC or Goth girl lace. She’s a supreme example of a hot slut who can whip you into shape and scare the cum right out of you. She’s always ready to humiliate men in all sorts of ways, from straight bait forced bi-sexual action to hardcore strap-on pegging. No matter how big or black the dick and regardless of how many cocks there are creeping up to poke her, she’s a true charmer of the trouser snake with the powers to tame even the most dangerous pythons. In the exotic world of kinky Femdom, Larkin is a queen bitch of a role model, helping young sluts everywhere discover the dark powers of the pussy.

I have to admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for girls that are truly different than the rest. That is one thing that Larking really has going for her. I saw a couple of pictures that she send me and thought to myself that this is a really dark, gothic girl… then I talked to her on the phone and she was the happiest most cheerful person that I have talked to in a while.. So there you have it.. she is a quandary… but that’s okay… we like girls like that here.. I hope that you enjoy her… I just love her eyes and her body ain’t bad either.

Your Dirty Habit Isn’t Secret Anymore – MissLarkinLove

Larkin Love Pics Gallery

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[iWantClips] SpoiledBianca – Owned Indefinitely – Part 1

[iWantClips] SpoiledBianca – Owned Indefinitely – Part 1

mp4 | 145.32 MB | 854×480 | 00:06:49

Female Domination
You are about to become enslaved to me indefinitely, I will take over everything… your every thought, your every want, and of course all of your money. I’m going to ease you in to being my mindless zombie slave because I like to watch you get weaker and weaker over time. This is only beginning….
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[iWantClips] Princess Lexie – Princessmas 2014 Day 5

[iWantClips] Princess Lexie – Princessmas 2014 Day 5

mp4 | 329.15 MB | 1280×720 | 00:09:11

Pantyhose Domination
These sexy black pantyhose are a great way to celebrate Day 5 of Princessmas, don’t you agree? You know I want you to cum in every Princessmas clip, that way I get a gift or a ca$h tribute from you like I obviously deserve. So I was thinking of clip ideas that were guaranteed to make you losers cum and Me in pantyhose was an obvious choice. I know that seeing Me in these silky smooth nylons gets you so incredibly weak, doesn’t it? But then when I begin to expertly tease you: showing off every inch of Me from My perfect toes, to My wrinkled soles, up My impossibly long legs, to My juicy butt; it’s just too much for you to handle! You need to jerk that dick don’t you? And jerking isn’t enough. You need to cum while you watch Me in these sexy pantyhose. You need this. Pay Me so that you can cum. It’s the only way.
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