Clips4Sale – K daniela – draining till destruction

mp4 | 2747.57 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:47:11

…you are tied up on Daniela�s milking table… her body is covered with a black shiny latex dress… black latex gloves and black boots… she wants your cum… all you can give… she will milk you until your first dry orgasm… so the situation is clear… she will continue after each cumshot… she will not stop and you know, there�s no way to escape… finally you had 4 forced cumshots in a row… the first caused by her lips and tongue, the second in her soft slippery latex gloves, the rest in her cruel hands… once tied up on this table, means draining till destruction… (4 orgasm, 2 angles)

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[iWantClips] Goddess Cassandra Calogera – Faggot Fantasies

mp4 | 95.83 MB | 1280×720 | 00:03:23

Faggot, Verbal Abuse
You’ve accepted that you’ll never get a woman. So by now, you’ve begun exploring other options. You’ve begun to explore the idea of men. You fantasize about sucking on a nice big dick, taking it deep in your ass. You only watch gay porn now, you’ve turned into a little faggot haven’t you? You crave cock…I’d love to watch you be a good little faggot slut.

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[iWantClips] Babe x Playground – Schoolgirl Jerk Off Instruction For Dirty Old Pervert

mp4 | 398.01 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:05:59

Brat Girls, Jerk Off Instruction
I know what a dirty pervert you are! You see me in this tiny schoolgirl outfit, with my perfect tight body and my perky tits and perfect ass – and you just can’t help but get a stiffy in your pants. You love tight teen girls like me and it makes that cock rock hard. I know you can’t help yourself around me – you’re just a dirty old pervert! Well take your cock in your hand and I’ll tell you all about how you’re going to stroke for me!

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[iWantClips] Brittanys Sexy Fantasies – Coerced Male Orgasm After Girlfriend Goes From Nice to Domination Using Anaconda Arm Bar Pinning and Humping

mp4 | 269.74 MB | 1280×720 | 00:07:20

Coerced Male Orgasm
A hot blonde climbs into bed with her man and starts to ride his cock. Her demeanor is nice and sweet, at least at first. In no time at all she wraps his legs and arms up in an Anaconda Arm Bar and pins him down. She then starts to ride him very aggressively. He is shocked and starts struggling to get her off, but he is simply no match. She starts to show her female domination as she taunts and teases him for being dominated by a girl. No matter how hard he struggles, he can’t break free. She is in full control, wiggling and arching her back as she keeps him pinned down. She lets him know that she will be getting a coerced male orgasm out of him and that he has no choice in the matter. She continues to ride and hump in his cock and also continues to taunt him, even pinning his arms at his side with her strong legs. She is superior and she makes that fact knows. With some more aggressive and sexy riding she gets worked up and right when she is extracting his cumload she has an orgasm too. Now satisfied with getting that coerced male orgasm she was after she finally lets him loose. She holds in his jizz and walk off laughing, leaving him there to ponder what just happened . Included in this clip: Coerced Male Orgasm, FMO, Riding, Anaconda Arm Bar, Nice to Mean, Female Domination, Domination, Pinning, Get Cumshot, Struggling

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine – Blackmail Trap

mp4 | 331.89 MB | 1280×720 | 00:09:04

Blackmail Fantasy, Financial Domination
You fell hook, link and sinker deep into my blackmail trap. You thought with your dick and it has landed you in a well of anxiety. Constantly terrified of what may happen, what could happen and what you might lose. At the time, it/they meant nothing. You was solely fixated on me, lost deep into submission and high on horniness. You begged to send me your information, you ached to be exp.loited and it made you explode at the thought of what could happen. Now, with your personal information in my hands you are walking on egg shells. You are terrified of doing any wrong and you are even more broken than before. You know you must serve, wait on my every word and please me in anyway I see fit but you know just how much power I have over you. How I can do whatever the hell I want. You know that ca$h turns me on, you know that I would enjoy watching your financial downfall. To slowly and painfully dissect your ca$h bit by bit. Slowly but surely ensure that you have nothing at all. Where should I start? Where will it hurt most? You knew the consequences of blackmail and you begged for it. I will push you to your all time limits, I will break you further and I will show you just who is in charge…

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine Mendez – Piss Bitch

mp4 | 218.12 MB | 1280×720 | 00:05:59

Pee in Toilet, Toilet Humiliation
Youve begged to serve me for months, so ive Finally came up with a way you could. Congrats youre my new piss bitch lol. Open wide ive got a nice big load of piss for a sick loser like you. yummmm… yes You are a worthless human being, my shit is literally worth more than you. Doesnt matter how much a loser like you spends on me youre nothing but shit to me. Keep spending maybe one day ill acknowledge a bitch like yourself but i dought it loser ahahahaha. Money cant even help you loser, open wide & serve your ONLY purpose in life.

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[iWantClips] Goddess Brooke – Chastity Youre Locked Up UntilPart 1

mp4 | 481.83 MB | 1280×720 | 00:13:23

Just how daring do you think you are? It’s time for you to cum but if you do you are agreeing to chastity. For as long as I say! Until…well you have to come find out! Do you think you can take the challenge? I tease you mercifully throughout the entirety of this video, I know you’ll cum even before the end. My voice encouraging and instructing you to stroke! Then you’ll have to do my bidding. If you ever want out of it…well, you’ll have to contact me and make it worthwhile to me!

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[iWantClips] British Bratz – Forced Blackmail

mp4 | 328.97 MB | 1280×720 | 00:09:00

Blackmail Fantasy, Femdom POV
I’ve surfed the web and came across a pretty interesting piece of online software. Its basicly an email timer and if used in a blackmail clip this would mean that the you do not need to press send, it will automatically send all your information to me. So basically you are coerced into blackmail. You will follow my demands but firstly making an email with all the information I list. Then set receiver and your own email, take a humiliating picture, set the timer and pull the video up in fullscreen. You will then unplug his mouse or disable the touchpad. The rest is history. You will need this: ss./mailtimer.php

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine Mendez – Popping Brothers Virgin Ass on Camera HD

mp4 | 304.47 MB | 1280×720 | 00:08:19

Coerced Bi, Male Strap-On
Its My brothers First Time & I wanted it to be extra special. Tripod Camera is Set up, Brother is Tied down, lights camera ACTION! I fuck him Mercilessly then revile his identity for all to see, Im sending a copy of this clip to everyone he knows as a bday present if he doenst agree to be my strap on bitch. Oh he WAS so tight for me! CATEGORY: STRAP-ON , coerced MALE ORGASM , BLACKMAIL FANTASY, FEMDOM, FEMALE SUPREMACY, DOMINATION, ASS FUCKING , FORCEBI , **** BY MY SISTER

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