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Natasha’s Bedroom Video Clips, Pics

Natasha’s Bedroom

I’m like the girl next door, but a whole lot more fun. Follow me on twitter @natashasbedroom.

Sensual femdom producer and goofball.

Natasha’s Bedroom – One Step Closer To Gay

This is the second part of my interactive “Gay Initiation” assignment series, designed to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. This clip can be enjoyed on its own or in sequence.

It’s time to venture closer to total gaydom, my future faggot. My next assignment will push and stretch your sexual limits, drawing on your own personal cock hungering fantasies to bring you closer to that point of no return, while still leaving you craving more. This is a two-part assignment, requiring proof of completion. Get ready, faggot. This assignment is going to put your gay impulses in overdrive.

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Forever Worthless: Humiliation Assignment

Natasha’s Bedroom – This clip is pure psychological torture.

We both know that you’re a loser, but you haven’t yet truly realized the true depths of your worthlessness. You still have hope that maybe, just maybe, you won’t always be a total failure, mindlessly jerking your useless life away. My skillful manipulation will shred apart what remains of your self-confidence and annihilate that last hope.

Buckle up and brace yourself for one of my cruelest clips yet.

Natasha’s Bedroom – Anal On Aces

Is lady luck on your side? My deck of cards will control your anal exploring jerk off session today. This game isn’t rigged; it’s totally up to chance. Whenever I pull an ace or a king, you’ll be opening up that tight little hole with the biggest dildo you can handle. But, you see, this game is about so much more than just playing with that asshole of yours: the cards will determine when you stroke, how fast, when you edge yourself to the very brink – plus, of course, if and when you’re finally allowed to explode with a big orgasm.

I just love playing these games with you. The element of randomness, the mystery of what will come needs, keeps you on your toes. In a game scenario, curiosity breed compliance. When will you have to pound yourself again? Will you be allowed to cum? Only one way to find out. It’s time to start playing my game…

Natasha’s Bedroom – A Better Sub

Femdom can be a very positive OR a very negative part of your life. There’s no denying that you’re submissive, that the need to obey is a fundamental, immutable part of yourself. It’s a drive you’ll always have. But I don’t want a battered and broken down sub with nothing left to give. I want a happy, healthy, vibrant boy at my feet.

Today’s lesson is about self-improvement. You’ll learn to accept your submissive needs and let go of the shame that sometimes clouds your mind. I’ll teach you how to strike a balance between femdom and the other, also important, parts of your life. You’ll have a set of ongoing assignments to complete – assignments that will make you into a better person and, by extension, a better sub.

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Natasha’s Bedroom – Growth Hormone

You’re at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup when a beautiful nurse, wearing a surprisingly revealing uniform, walks in. She holds up a bra and panty set: “Put this on. We’ve done away with our normal hospital gowns. I know it’s strange for you, as a man, to wear lacy women’s lingerie like this, but it’ll make your exam today much easier to perform. Trust me – I’m a professional.”

You follow her instructions. You have to admit that the bra and panties feel awfully nice against your otherwise bare flesh. It feels natural, like this is what you were always meant to wear.

You groan as the nurse pulls out a syringe and cheerfully announces that you’re due for a vaccination. The cold needle dips into your veins, and then a momentary euphoria overcomes your body.

Almost immediately, you notice a strange sensation in your chest. It’s almost like something is inflating, like you’re growing a pair of…breasts. Could it be? The nurse reassures you: “It’s just a little bit of post-vaccination inflammation. Time for the next dose!”

It’s undeniable now. A budding pair of breasts is expanding outward from your previously flat chest. With the third dose, the speed of expansion increases. Growing bigger and bigger – you’re afraid, though you can’t help but admit to yourself that you’re enjoying it. This is what you’ve always secretly wanted, after all. The nurse smiles playfully as she watches your response. “I have to make a little confession,” she whispers…

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[Clips4Sale] Ashley Alban – Learn To Suck Dick

[Clips4Sale] Ashley Alban – Learn To Suck Dick

mp4 | 1035.09 MB | 1280×720 | 00:11:55

Ashley is super horny after a party and just drops to her knees is order to suck her boyfriend’s cock.
She starts sucking it and get him nice and hard before she realizes that you’re watching. Why do you like watching her suck dick?

Is it because you like Ashley and her big tits, or do you really just like staring at his perfect dick. It’s because of his dick, isn’t it?

Well, if you like cock so much, you need to learn how to be a good cock slut like Ashley.
Ashley tell you exactly how to suck dick like a good slut. Start by licking it to get the dick nice and wet. Then suck on the tip and tease it with your tongue. Do you like that?

Doesn’t his cock feel good in your mouth? Ashley then tells you how to take his dick deep. You’re doing such a good job, Ashley will let you take his load so you can be a cumguzzler.

Open wide while he jacks off in your mouth!

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[Clips4Sale] Ashley Alban – Suck This Hot Gym Guy

[Clips4Sale] Ashley Alban – Suck This Hot Gym Guy

mp4 | 1045.26 MB | 1280×720 | 00:11:55

Is your favorite part about going to the gym the fact that you can watch hot guys work out? Do you like seeing their muscles bulging? I bet you wished you could see their dicks too.

I can show you what this hot guy’s dick looks like. But you have to help me suck it. I can’t do all the work. If you’re going to check guys out, you better learn how to suck them too!

We can take turns sucking this guy off. Isn’t his dick perfect? Do you want to learn to deepthroat like me? Well you better practice! I want you to be a good little faggot and suck off all the hot guys in your gym.

You have to be a good cumslut and swallow their loads too! You like that don’t you?

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[Chaturbate / MyFreeCams] Ramona Flour – Curvy Cam Goddess


[Chaturbate / MyFreeCams] Ramona Flour – Curvy Cam Goddess

Ramona Flour


Birth Date:Nov. 12, 1991



Interested In:Men, Women, Trans, Couples

Location:Pervin’ in the USA

Body Type:Voluptuously Curvy! HEIGHT: 5’4 BUST: 38DD (Enhanced) WAIST: 33! HIPS: 43! BOTTOM: 45! 10 tattoos.Smoke / Drink:420/WINE

I’m Princess Ramona Flour!

I’m a freelance fetish/alternative/xxx print & webcam model + pro domme.
Currently, I spend my days doing web cam performance art, photography/videography, graphic design & editing. I’m lucky enough to
travel a few times a year to various adult expos, which is SUPER fun! My goal is a 2016 west coast tour, where I’ll shoot with talented photographers, meet fellow cam models (to create new fetish content) & explore all the rich culture that the west coast has to offer.

Before I began my career in sex-work, I was classically educated at one of the top cosmetology schools in the country.  After I finished my protégé period,  I went on to work in some of New England’s swankiest salons.  Eventually I refocused & began styling for
runway shows, photoshoots & events. You can still find me cutting a friend’s hair, over a glass of good wine, in my kitchen. I still
love styling the rare avant garde photoshoot. Hair has always been a medium that speaks to me.

In my free time these days, I enjoy gourmet vegetarian cooking, exploring nature
(weather permitting) & meeting new animals. I’m obsessed with pure bred cats, I’m adopting 2 hairless kittens in December.
I enjoy crafts, culture & home improvement. I love volunteering & donating to pro-sex worker charities. I love meeting new loyal fans who are eager to please me & build a genuine long term relationships. I’m blessed to have online friends who have supported me emotionally, financially & spiritually. Their support has created SO many awesome things in my life.

I’m proud to have honed my conversational skills, graceful demeanor & ambitious attitude by the path that led me here. While I come from very humble beginnings, I consider myself a very worldly person. I have the ability to empathize, find compassion & teach others.

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