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Clips4Sale – Deep Throat 5 Cum in Throat

Clips4Sale – LiLusHandJobs – Deep Throat 5 Cum in Throat

wmv | 459.71 MB | 1280×720 | 00:16:41

It was a Custom order, If u like Deep Throat – its for you! I let the Stranger to Fuck my mouth really Hard, he sticks his penis deep inside my throat and holds me till i GAG…. lots of Gagging reflex, especially at end, as after he Cum Deep inside my Throat, he did not let me to take it out, i felt his cock shooting sperm deep inside my throat, but he pushes it deeper ….. so i had Gagging Reflex, BUT he did not let to take it out and holds it deep inside me ….. After some time he lets me to take a small breath, but in a sec he sticks his cock again deep into my throat and holds me for a little longer……

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