Clips4Sale – Piper Perri – Super Gurl Weakened Beaten and Broken
SuperGurl has boldly walked right into Baines lair. She knows he plans to spring a trap with the kryptonight he has stolen. But before he can get the case holding the kryptonight open Super Gurl uses her super speed to take it from him.Now she deals out some much deserved justice, using her greater strength and invulnerability to pummel Baine. But as she is beating Baine down the case beeps and springs open. Suddenly Super Gurl feels the weakness. Now it Baine’s turn to punish the cocky "teentitan." ***The scenarios depicted within this video and its previews consist of role play games in which all participating parties have fully consented to all demonstrated activities. Every measure was taken to ensure the actors’ safety and well being throughout the production of this content, and participants maintained clear communication with the crew at all times to ensure a safe performance. These stories are intended to depict purely fictitious, fantasy situations.
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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine – Fear excites you

mp4 | 269.38 MB | 1280×720 | 00:07:25

Blackmail Fantasy, Femdom POV
It feels you with fear but it also turns you on like nothing else. When your high on horniness you can’t help but steer your mind to blackmail, it’s what you ache for and that feeling you crave. To totally lose control, to play with fire and to really put your life on the line.You know its dangerous grounds, you know its something you shouldn’t tempt but you always want what you can’t/shouldn’t have, right? Your dick throbs at the thought of finally losing control to me, to feel powerless and constantly anxious but yet horny. You have wanted to feel this feeling for so long, to have your fate in my hands. Family life, work life. none of it comes in consideration when you have your eyes transfixed on my seductive curves. They lure you into a deep trap and there is no way out. I want to see you suffer, I want to leave you feeling constantly anxious. Knowing that your priority is my happinesess from now on, you must keep up with my demands or face the very scary consequences of losing it ALL.

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[iWantClips] British Bratz – Go gay for Mikki

mp4 | 256.3 MB | 1280×720 | 00:07:00

Coerced Gay, Gay Jerk Off Instructions
Embrace it, it’s no secret. Dick is what gets you off, it makes you horny and it makes you weak. Stroking to cock gives you such a satisfying feeling. You have always tried so hard to keep your fag tendencies at bay but the powerful orgasm you feel when worship big meaty cocks has totally overpowered you. Go on, try your hardest not to touch. I thought so, you can’t hold back in stroking to cock can you. You want that meaty load bad don’t you? You want to be treated like a little pathetic bitch? and you want to become my cock sucking whore. So stroke for these big cocks. Show me how much of a loser and an addict you are to these huge cocks. You have always have an underlying desire to suck cock and today I want you to embrace it. I want you to cum for cock and from now on you only cum to cock. In time you will be so brainwashed by dick you will be completely and utterly gay. Now theres a good fag boy.

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[iWantClips] Babe x Playground – Schoolgirl Jerk Off Instruction For Dirty Old Pervert

mp4 | 398.01 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:05:59

Brat Girls, Jerk Off Instruction
I know what a dirty pervert you are! You see me in this tiny schoolgirl outfit, with my perfect tight body and my perky tits and perfect ass – and you just can’t help but get a stiffy in your pants. You love tight teen girls like me and it makes that cock rock hard. I know you can’t help yourself around me – you’re just a dirty old pervert! Well take your cock in your hand and I’ll tell you all about how you’re going to stroke for me!

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[iWantClips] Goddess Brooke – Custom Video – ONLY Allowed to Jerk to My Full Tits

mp4 | 298.08 MB | 1280×720 | 00:08:05

Tit Worship
This video was a custom request and ‘My German Slave" is used throughout. What was requested in his words: Please wear liquid leggings and a bikini bra and make fun of me, be dominating and humiliating…You enjoy the power of the internet…just open a shop and some guy from Germany buys all your videos. He is not worthy to jerk to your whole body?much too good…so you let him jerk in the first custom clip to just one body part…please allow me to kiss it on the screen several times before cumming to it after a countdown. -your German follower P.S. ass, feet, cleavage…does not matter surprise me please…

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine – Blackmail Trap

mp4 | 331.89 MB | 1280×720 | 00:09:04

Blackmail Fantasy, Financial Domination
You fell hook, link and sinker deep into my blackmail trap. You thought with your dick and it has landed you in a well of anxiety. Constantly terrified of what may happen, what could happen and what you might lose. At the time, it/they meant nothing. You was solely fixated on me, lost deep into submission and high on horniness. You begged to send me your information, you ached to be exp.loited and it made you explode at the thought of what could happen. Now, with your personal information in my hands you are walking on egg shells. You are terrified of doing any wrong and you are even more broken than before. You know you must serve, wait on my every word and please me in anyway I see fit but you know just how much power I have over you. How I can do whatever the hell I want. You know that ca$h turns me on, you know that I would enjoy watching your financial downfall. To slowly and painfully dissect your ca$h bit by bit. Slowly but surely ensure that you have nothing at all. Where should I start? Where will it hurt most? You knew the consequences of blackmail and you begged for it. I will push you to your all time limits, I will break you further and I will show you just who is in charge…

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[iWantClips] Danielle Maye – Smoking Domination

mp4 | 357.28 MB | 1280×720 | 00:09:45

Smoking, Smoking Fetish
Mistress Danielle is in a very naughty mood today and in need of some pleasuring, dressed in a under bust corset, stockings and heels, Danielle looks like a goddess ready to be served. Mistress takes a cigarette and places it between her perfect lips before lighting and inhaling the menthol flavored smoke from her long smooth cigarette. Danielle calls for her man slave and bends over for him, telling him it’s time to eat her delicious arse hole. She’s makes him lick and clean her perfect hole whilst smoking, occasionally allowing him to taste her sweet pussy. Turning over mistress wants to sit on her slaves face so he can pleasure her pussy. But this should be a chore for slave he Is not allowed pleasure from eating pussy. Danielle pulls his face away and makes slave swallow her used cigarette smoke. Slave is very good at oral pleasure and soon brings mistress to orgasm she’s blows the last of her smoke into his face and orders him away.

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine Mendez – Piss Bitch

mp4 | 218.12 MB | 1280×720 | 00:05:59

Pee in Toilet, Toilet Humiliation
Youve begged to serve me for months, so ive Finally came up with a way you could. Congrats youre my new piss bitch lol. Open wide ive got a nice big load of piss for a sick loser like you. yummmm… yes You are a worthless human being, my shit is literally worth more than you. Doesnt matter how much a loser like you spends on me youre nothing but shit to me. Keep spending maybe one day ill acknowledge a bitch like yourself but i dought it loser ahahahaha. Money cant even help you loser, open wide & serve your ONLY purpose in life.

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