[iWantClips] Goddess Paige – Pathetic Pantyhose Perverts

mp4 | 780.33 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:10:45

Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Fetish
You men are all the same – you can’t deny it. Deep down inside, you’re all pathetic pantyhose perverts. And I can prove it! Watch. Just look at Me, My lithe, slender body clad in beautiful black pantyhose, the nylon clinging tightly every inch of My curves. You get a stunning view of My breath-taking beauty, My enchanting legs, My elegant calves, My dainty little feet. See! You can’t hide that erection from Me. You can’t hide the flush in your cheeks, the hitch of your breath catching in your throat as desire races through your veins. The sight of Me and My sexy pantyhose consumes your thoughts, dominates your weak little mind. My pantyhose is your weakness. My pantyhose shall be your undoing. You can resist almost anything – but you can never resist Me and the sensual temptation of My pantyhose.

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[iWantClips] Goddess Lily – Tease TEST

mp4 | 335.15 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:04:40

Financial Domination, Tit Worship
YOU know what I LOVE doing the MOST; Teasing & Testing! YOU know I am an expert at this and of course that’s why you ENJOY it so much. Therefore YOU are always craving MORE and I am SO amazing that I do GIVE you more… but ONLY when I find it necessary! AND this one is NECESSARY! I have never tested you like this before, so it’s about TIME that I do so. How does this all sound to you? Feeling aroused, aren’t you? Well… I guarantee you that you’ll be needing this; GO ON, Without a doubt YOU’LL be using ONE of My PROMO CODES at checkout: IAMGUILTY LOSERFORLILY TITTYTAX

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[iWantClips] Goddess Kalina – Beginners Black Mail

mp4 | 554.06 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:07:41

Blackmail Fantasy, Blackmail Fetish
Bow before me loser. Tonight is the night you realize not everything revolves around you. You buy these clips that are games thinking that you don’t have to fulfill the tasks because.. well you bought the clip. Your Wrong! Tonight you are going to realize your my bitch. So come on start to cough it all up because your need to jerk off to me is overwhelming! Much more to blackmail clips to come keep an eye out you horny boy. & remember I’ll be checking up on all your information

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine Mendez – lift and carry my Wimper Brother

mp4 | 212.3 MB | 640×480 | 00:13:55

Lift & Carry
CUSTOM: hair straightened and down have a woman telling you to Torment the guy and have her keep asking do you give up and refuse to put him down and have him wimper and cry but just ignore him 20 min video all lifts exactly like pics high def video download hair straightened and down no lipstick same jeans with black leather belt ,same boots, wear the same gloves in this pic wear your bear hugging him wear the hard cafe leather jacket zip only the bottom and snap bottom , in this pic and do very very long bear hugs with his arms around your neck, bouncing, bending your knees constantly no talking very aggressive reverse shoulder sit exactly like pic, lots of bouncing long Torment rack backbreaker, with his arm around your neck alot of bouncing and spinning bending your knees bouncing long long over the shoulder backbreaker like this pic with arms locked around his waist, bouncing alot shoulder sit alot of bouncing, bending of knees constantly and then switch jackets and wear the betty boop leather jacket and do the same exact lifts at end video please lift him bear hug with his legs around you and walk him off camera camera shots front back and side zoom in on jackets and boots during all lifts leave the jackets on through the whole video thanks please show good camera zoom shots thank you and show the back alot and zoom in

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[iWantClips] Goddess Jasmine – Fear excites you

mp4 | 269.38 MB | 1280×720 | 00:07:25

Blackmail Fantasy, Femdom POV
It feels you with fear but it also turns you on like nothing else. When your high on horniness you can’t help but steer your mind to blackmail, it’s what you ache for and that feeling you crave. To totally lose control, to play with fire and to really put your life on the line.You know its dangerous grounds, you know its something you shouldn’t tempt but you always want what you can’t/shouldn’t have, right? Your dick throbs at the thought of finally losing control to me, to feel powerless and constantly anxious but yet horny. You have wanted to feel this feeling for so long, to have your fate in my hands. Family life, work life. none of it comes in consideration when you have your eyes transfixed on my seductive curves. They lure you into a deep trap and there is no way out. I want to see you suffer, I want to leave you feeling constantly anxious. Knowing that your priority is my happinesess from now on, you must keep up with my demands or face the very scary consequences of losing it ALL.

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[iWantClips] Goddess Eevee – Becoming My Nail slave

mp4 | 1264.1 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:17:38

Mesmerize, Nails Fetish
Once again the Incomparable GODdess Eevee proves that Her Power is impossible to resist. She has a Bevy of Weapons and the Ability to use them in a way that would make a five-star general envious, as he crumbled and succumbed to Her Control. Her Beauty is Beyond Perfection. Her Cleavage will make you weak and Her Soft Voice, with Its Entrancing Cadence, will make you weak. Then She Will Exploit your vulnerability and Use Her Nails to Completely Overwhelm your senses. The sight of Her Sharp Yellow Claws Will Put fear in your heart. The sound of Them Tapping will be like a Strong ASMR Trigger. Your total destruction will occur when She Scratches Her Talons against the table and you fall under Her Spell. Resistance is futile. You won?t be able to fight the yearning to go deeper, and deeper and deeper still. Submitting feels so good She Will Find, and Intensify, Fetishes that you didn?t even know were lurking in your brain. You will need to play this Mesmerizing clip over, and over, and over again. Category- Mesmerize Related Categories- Mind Fuck, Breast Worship, Hand Fetish, Nail Fetish, Financial Domination, FinDom, Slavery, Eye Fetish and Mouth Fetish

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[iWantClips] Goddess Christina – Shiny Leg Seduction

mp4 | 258.81 MB | 1280×720 | 00:08:43

Shiny Leg Seduction
Published Oct 29, 2015
Legs, Mesmerize
Beautiful long lean legs make you so weak. You gaze at them, focus on every seductive move, and a haze comes over you. You feel yourself letting go and losing control. You?re powerless, unsteady, and submissive. These amazing legs control you so well. Their shear gleam chips away at all the remaining bits of resistance. The seduction overwhelms you… and you submit to the irresistible legs of Goddess.

*Listen with headphones.

Fetishes: Legs, Leg Fetish, Leg Worship Fetish, Mesmerize, Goddess Worship, Femdom, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Body Worship, Ass Worship, Pantyhose Tease, Mind Fuck, Goddess Christina

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[iWantClips] Goddess Cassandra Calogera – Faggot Fantasies

mp4 | 95.83 MB | 1280×720 | 00:03:23

Faggot, Verbal Abuse
You’ve accepted that you’ll never get a woman. So by now, you’ve begun exploring other options. You’ve begun to explore the idea of men. You fantasize about sucking on a nice big dick, taking it deep in your ass. You only watch gay porn now, you’ve turned into a little faggot haven’t you? You crave cock…I’d love to watch you be a good little faggot slut.

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[iWantClips] Goddess Brooke – Lets Not Beat Around the Bush

mp4 | 285.61 MB | 1280×720 | 00:08:05

Cum Eating Instructions
You’re going to do it for ME. How could you not? I hate being all cutesy (Ok. That’s not very true at all.) BUT when I want you to do something for me, I’m just going to tell you to do it. You’re going to eat your cum for me and you’re going to stop acting like a little sissy about it. Now start jerking for me. Jerk it now. Jerk your cock and prepare for the inevitable.

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