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Clips4Sale – Kenzie Taylor – You Have to Watch my Asshole get Fucked!

Clips4Sale – Kenzie Taylor – You Have to Watch my Asshole get Fucked!

mov | 1322.88 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:18:19

This is by far my BEST anal cuckold scene!! Starring up and cummer, and HOT, tan blonde, Kenzie Taylor in a sensational and classic scene! I was very fortunate to get this girl in an anal scene and especially one like this. I had the honor of doing Kenzie’s first anal last month and she is an unbelievable performer and has an absolutely incredible ass, face and body.

As I shoot more anal cuckold scenes, I aim to continue to push the envelope and limits on the performers involved. I know you all will love this one!

For this scene, I got one of the best, if not, THE BEST cuck in the business, Marcelo Slave. I wanted this one to be less tame and to raise the bar. You have seen some cool scenarios before with cuckolds and hot girls, me sometimes being the cuck forced to watch and be teased and tormented, but THIS SCENE is amazing! Marcelo is known for some extreme scenes. He can do it all! He was down for whatever, and he did an amazing job as he is a real life cuckold.

Put Kenzie Taylor and Marcelo Slave together along with myself, this is a clip NOT TO BE MISSED!!

We kick things off with Kenzie being interviewed and creating the buildup for the scene and her explaining what is about to take place. Kenzie told me last month that she would totally be into a cuckold scene, especially ALL ANAL! She also already possesses a natural dominant side so I knew I was going to get an excellent scene.

Kenzie orders Marcelo to enter and spits in his face and into his mouth while she makes him undress her slowly. She chokes him with her bra and then orders him to take his clothes off and strip naked and she humiliates him saying that he can only watch and to assume the position. She also slaps him so hard, he falls to the back of the bed. I now enter the scene and lick and gape her asshole and point it toward Marcelo so he can see up close as Kenzie makes sure he’s right there to see. He must be so jealous that I am licking this beautiful gaping butthole.

From there, I fuck Kenzie in the ass and gape her repeatedly while Marcelo can only watch. Kenzie then has a brilliant idea, and she orders him to lay on his back, UNDERNEATH her as I drill her asshole and he is SO CLOSE to her ass now and I pound away. He has the best seat in the house, but the torture continues as his face is just underneath her ass. I gape her asshole and make him look from underneath. Talk about being HUMILIATED! WOW!

Next, I fuck Kenzie in Reverse Cowgirl Anal and I pound her ass as she pulls Marcelo in close. I then pull back her legs and make him look real closely. This continues for quite some time. Fuck, pull her back and gape, and repeat!

Kenzie liked that Up and Over Doggie Anal position so much, she orders Marcelo to lay underneath her again while I pound her asshole hard and gape it some more. Finally I explode into her asshole for an ANAL CREAMPIE and it gushes out of asshole like a river of cum. It even pours out onto him and then Kenzie orders Marcel to li…………….

You can figure out the rest, I’m sure.


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Clips4Sale – Mila Marx – I Only Do Anal With My Boyfriend!

Clips4Sale – Mila Marx – I Only Do Anal With My Boyfriend!

mov | 1570.37 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:21:43

Wow, what a bitch! I had no idea this was going to happen. Here, I had an anal scene booked with this SMOKIN HOT 19 year old newcomer named Mila Marx. Her body and ass are incredible and I could not wait to fuck her ass and gape it. She’s a hot mix of Brazilian and Russian and she’s from South Florida where this scene was shot. I normally don’t allow boyfriends on set as this guy seemed pretty cool and was staying out of the way. HOWEVER……..going against my better judgement, and against my own rules….the table were turned on me pretty quickly.

Mila knew she was doing anal, but she ONLY does ANAL with her BOYFRIEND. I had no idea this were the case and I was about to make a call to her agent, as things were getting a bit awkward. Mila had OTHER PLANS for me though. She told me only her boyfriend, Tyler is fucking her ass that day. What was I going to do????? WATCH!! She pointed to the chair in the corner and instructed me to sit there and be quiet as I was NOT going to be the one to fuck her ass and I had to sit there and be humiliated and watch. Mila knew EXACTLY what she was doing here.

As I sat on the chair, Tyler enters the picture and he helps her remove her clothes. She even makes me take off her sneakers, being the foot guy that I am. As she is completely naked on the bed, Tyler is now fingering her asshole, several fingers even!! She continues to tease and torment me and trash talk. I couldn’t believe what she was doing to me on MY OWN SET!!

Next, Tyler puts her in doggie and pounds and gapes her 19 year old asshole over and over again. She starts to shout at me, saying " Fuck You! Fuck You! " Things like….." How does it feet to watch! " I have to admit, I was getting pissed but it was hot. I only wish it were me fucking her ass and not her damn boyfriend. He then fucks and gapes her asshole in Reverse Cowgirl and Cowgirl anal. Plenty of gaping and pulling her legs back to show the HUGE gapes!

Next, came, Reverse Piledriver and Piledriver anal. ALL of the anal positions that I love to do. THIS TIME, I can only watch, however. Her then puts her back into doggie as he keeps pounding her ass and finally he blows a monster load in her asshole that she pushes out. It was HOT, but damn, I’m pissed!!!!

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Clips4Sale – Kelsi Monroe – Kelsi Has A Phat Ass!!

Clips4Sale – Kelsi Monroe – Kelsi Has A Phat Ass!!

mov | 1747.43 MB | 1920×1080 | 00:24:10

This is a scene for the ages!! I had always wanted to work with Latina ANAL QUEEN, Kelsi Monroe! Her ass is amazing and her GAPES are legendary. She is one of the best ass gapers in the industry and I I was fortunate enough to work with her at a recent Exxxotica Expo. Her ass is nice and round, the kind you just want to take a bite out of.

This is her FULL VIDEO. From start to finish and it ends in an INTERNAL ANAL CREAMPIE! There is a ton of GAPE FARTING and CUM FARTING all throughout the video. Her individual clips will come next.

We start things off with Kelsi being interviewed as she sits in a chair. She expresses her love for anal and having cum in her ass at the end of a rough ass fucking. We discuss her gaping ability and how she can gape fart like no other girl. She teases off her clothes and then she bends over and kneels on the chair and shows you her ass and spreads her ass cheeks. She shows you that beautiful gape and where that cock is going to be entering.

I then come in and lick and tongue fuck her asshole. Her ass is a masterpiece. It’s like a work of art. Every guy should be able to lick an ass like this once in their life.

From there, after licking and spitting into her asshole in several positions, I now fuck her asshole in Up and Over Doggie Anal! See her wide open huge gapes and when she pushes out, tons of INCREDIBLE GAPE FARTING! This happens over and over again, in fact. From there, I even bang her asshole in REVERSE DOGGIE STYLE which mosy girls can’t do, but Kelsi can!!

Next is Reverse Cowgirl and Regular Cowgirl Anal with more gaping. See me pull her legs back to reveal her huge gapes.

I then go into Reverse Piledriver and Regular Piledriver Anal with more huge gapes and pulling my dick in and out of her asshole repeatedly.

We now finish back in Up and Over Doggie Anal and I give her a hard anal pounding. More gaping and gape farting followed by a huge cum load deep into her asshole for an INTERNAL ANAL CREAMPIE!! See the cum pour right out of her ass as she pushes it out and you’ll see a ton of cum farting and cum bubbles. This is a scene you have to see to believe!!

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