MyDirtyHobby – schnuggie91 – Fantasy vs Reality! Suddenly you’re in the middle!

Imagine, thou on a really hot, kinky porn, closes his eyes and when you open them again you’re suddenly in the middle. The other day I was so extremely horny and disappeared, in spite of my visit, fast in the bedroom to make me these horny, nasty film. It took less than 30 seconds and my fantasy became reality. Suddenly I felt this big, hard cock that penetrated slowly into me. If you such a thing ever happened?

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MyDirtyHobby – Crazy-Carmen – My pussy fucked with Riesenpimmel

My horny plum definitely needed something hearty to the uncontrollable desire to breastfeed in me today. So I took my Riesenpimmel from my toy box because sometimes I need it right extremely !!! My horny pussy was so greedy that the giant dildo was engulfed by it formally besides, I like it when my insatiable Fotzenloch is stretched properly. Fucked me vigorously until the first Orgasums by but it should not be the last … As soon as I had my juicy pussy worked and sprayed violently I was horny again on the next fuck … So I have the Riesenpimmel again deep into my Wich hole rammed and me so fucked until the next orgasm completely after slogan "Bigger is Better" Have fun watching & enjoying humidity regards, Crazy-Carmen

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Clips4Sale – Jessa Rhodes – The Dollmaker

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Jessa answers and ad to be "made into a doll." She shows up expecting to model for a dollmaker. The man seems odd but harmless, and she sips a cup of tea he gives her. Jessa must have been very tired because she falls into a limp sleep. Jessa is completely limp as she is carried to the work table and stripped. Every bit of her limp body is completely inspected. Then the dollmaker puts a very special lotion all over her body. To complete the transformation, he uses a special spray. Jessa opens her new beautiful BIG blue eyes. "Hello Daddy!"
Jessa is a perfect little girl. "Yes Daddy, I’m a good little girl, I do whatever Daddy says." She is so happy to show off her dress of for Daddy. Daddy has her show him what she does when she is alone and missing daddy. It makes her bloomers very wet….
Jessa learns a special way to take care of daddy. She is so happy with the delicious ending, she wants more.
Jessa is in her new nighttime dress when Daddy comes in. He teaches her something new, and it makes her the happiest little girl ever.

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