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[Clips4Sale] Penny Pax – Santa Baby

[Clips4Sale] Penny Pax – Santa Baby

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It’s Christmas Eve and I’m staying at my son’s house. My son has been so busy with work that he hasn’t decorated. I made certain than we go out, cut a Christmas tree, decorate it together, just like the old days. I’m sipping on wine and hanging the mistletoe when he gives me a kiss. I kiss his lips, he’s taken back a little. We’ve both been teasing each other for a long time, and now that he is a grown man, in his very own home, I’ve decided to take it to the next level.

I give him a Christmas present to open on Christmas Eve, a little tradition we’ve had since he was a boy. He smiles warmly, he opens it, and sees a perfectly crafted toy from my very own body, a custom pocket pussy. I convince him to use it, afterall he has been running with loose women, he might as well know how tight a woman feels like when she treats herself respectfully. He’s stunned at first, he can barely speak, but I coo to him in my motherly voice and it makes him hard. I’m so pleased to see how big he’s gotten, he can barely fit in the toy. I get wet showing him how to use it. I didn’t plan on using my own body, but the moment took over, and I had to feel him inside of me. "Please," I whisper to him," make Mommy cum."

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