Clips4Sale – Harper More – I’ve Been Waiting For You

Hey, do you want to hang out? I don’t know, whatever you want to do… I’m just so glad to see you again. I missed you so much… Why not. Don’t you remember when you used to come in my room in the middle of the night? It’s okay, you’re girlfriend doesn’t have to find out. I know you still want to touch you’re little sister….

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ManyVids – Crystina Rossi – School Girl Roleplay and Creampie
ROLEPLAY: I’m just a 16 year old school girl getting in trouble for being out of dress code all of the time. I was sent to my principals office to be punished. He claims that he was going to have to tell my parents and I would’ve got in big trouble. So I got Principal Duron to give me his BBC. Made him make a mess inside of me. Made him show me what it felt like to get fucked by a grown man and he did. So now, he couldn’t tell on me
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Clips4Sale – Richelle Ryan – Mom Teaches Me How To Be A Man Part One
My Mom comes in the living room while I’m playing video games and starts suggesting I go out and hang out with my friends. Then she sits down next to me and starts asking me personal questions about me and girls. While she’s talking, she catches me staring at her tits. They’re so big and hard not to look at. She pulls them out of her dress to show them to me and I can’t help but touch them. When she realizes my cock is hard, she decides a way to help me "relieve my stress".
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Clips4Sale – Meana Wolf – Sis Wants Your Virginity
Your sister stumbles into your bedroom in the middle of the night… She’s drunk. She wants to sleep in your bed because her friend Gina isin hers. Luckily your sister is pretty cute when she’s tipsy. She doesn’t realize she’s pressed her cute little ass right into you… then your cock starts to stiffen. You can’t help it. You’re sister is pretty hot and…you haven’t really been this close to another girl before. Your hard cock starts rising up in your shorts…pressing between her thighs and against her pussy. She doesn’t notice at first…or does she? She says she can’t sleep and wants to talk. So she rolls over and you try to hide your hard cock under the covers. She stats going on about the frat party she was at… sounds like a pretty crazy party. But then you let is slip…. your big secret…you still have your V-Card. "You’re a virgin?!" Your sister can’t believe that her little brother has never fucked a girl before. "Aww don’t be embarrassed. Girls love virgins. Sure they do! You know why? Because they get to have total control and do whatever they want with you. AAAAND whoever takes your virginity basically owns you forever! And anytime they need something… well your cock is gonna remember that sweet sweet first pussy and you’ll basically do anything for them…. Little brother? I’m going to do you a favour. I’m going to take your virginity!". Before you knew it her clothes were off and her cute little fingers were wrapped around your cock. Your cock was so fucking hard you couldn’t even think straight. You couldn’t stop her…not that you wanted to. But she convinced you…she was the only person who should take your virginity. She climbed up on top of you and slid your bare cock against her wetness. "Are you ready?". The walls of her pussy squeezed your cock as you entered her…sending shivers down our spine as she moaned. Then she fucked you silly until she came… sliding you out of herself she stroked and sucked your cock..wanting to see and taste your cum. You couldn’t take it anymore…the smell of sex in the air…the sight of your sisters wet little pussy. You came harder than you ever have…and you were no longer a virgin.

xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You sister sneaks into your bed… she’s drunk. She can’t help but laugh at first when she finds out that you’re a virgin…but as she starts comforting you that being a virgin is actually super sexy and that lots of girls would want to fuck a virgin…she slowly convinces herself that she herself should pop your cherry. She starts seducing you slowly with her mouth and fingers. But she wants your virgin cock…She slides her tight little pussy down on your bare cock and starts rocking her hips back and forth. She knows how to fuck and she’s going to show you what to do.
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Clips4Sale – Lana Rhoades – Mommy is Your First
Meet Lana Rhoades, a single mother who had her son when she was very young. She knew how it was to be a wildand decided to raise her son much different, most would say she was overprotective. Her son is now eighteen and in his first year of college without even having an opportunity to kiss a girl. He always thought he was just "really picky" that he wanted a girl who was a younger version of his perfect goddess-like mother, but deep inside of him he knows he wants his mother in a very unnatural and wrong way.

Lana has worried endlessly about her son while he was in his first semester of college. It’s his break and he’s coming home. When he showed up at the door, he looked so handsome, so grown up, and so much like his father used to look when she met him. She tried to shake the thought off and talk to him over tea but she couldn’t keep her eyes off his lips, his hands, his crotch. She desperately tried to fight off the feelings, she needed to get out of the house, in public with her son, somewhere where her mind won’t wander, she decided to take him to a restaurant, she needed a drink.

Later that night..

She came home feeling tipsy. The night was amazing, almost like a dream, was it the alcohol or was her son flirting with her? She blushed when he touched her hand, helped her off with her jacket as a chivalrous man would do for his lover, but he’s her son.. and these thoughts are not usual, not right.. Lana got ready for bed, and wanted to kiss her son goodnight, just as she’s done every night when he lived with her, but something is different tonight. What will happen when two people with the same repressed desires find themselves unable to contain it anymore?

Watch the story unfold..
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Clips4Sale – Kimmy Granger – Watching Porn with Sister III
Includes: Kimmy Granger, and her brother Chad White, creampie

Meet my brother, Chad, he’s very popular at school. All my girlfriends gush about how hot he is and how they would love to be his girlfriend. I’ve never thought about my brother as hot, but seeing these girls fawn over him so much makes me feel a little weird, a little protective. Sexuality is a funny thing, isn’t it? I’m attracted to guys that look like my brother even though I think my brother is quite possibly the most annoying guy on the planet. I’ll watch him sometimes and squint my eyes to pretend he is a different guy. Why do girls like guys that look like him, he’s sexy in a stereotypical sort of way, the Clark Kent jaw, the buzzed hair, big muscles, tan skin, and boyish expressions on his masculine face. I wonder what a guy that looks like him would want from a girl? Would a guy like him want a girl like me? Ugh, guys are so mysterious, but I want to learn more about them. I steal his iPhone sometimes to do research, and I’ve found we have a common interest.. porn.

I watched my first porn on his phone, the little screen is so hard to see the details so I transferred the files to my iPad, and oh– so exciting to see real women and men have sex, but I quickly learned what I was into and what I wasn’t into. I saw my first porn just two weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I found myself drawn to websites that feature stories with their porn. I’m totally in love with one company, in particular, who sets the actors on many different adventures before the sex happens, the actors’ show a sliver of their real personality through their lines, and it feels so real. I think about the porn that my brother had saved on his phone and feel sorry for him in a way, he doesn’t get to experience the eroticism of these beautiful stories. I found the perfect opportunity to show him my new passion, and of course, he is resistant, but I am a very persuasive girl.

Watch the story unfold..
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Clips4Sale – Hot Wife Rio – Lingerie Mom #6

I was so happy when I got up this morning and so horny! My son’s report card came and he’s on the A honor roll so I thought I would do something special for him when he got home from school. I bought a sexy little apron and put on a cute ruffled panty and white stockings to match. I then got out my son’s favorite ice cream cookie dough and added whip cream and a cherry on top. When he got home I congratulated him on his grades and then told him mommy had a special surprised planned for him. I then pranced around in my sexy outfit and told him how much I was thinking of his hard dick all day. I know that he likes it when mommy dresses slutty and shows off her body for him. I then told him to pull down his jeans so mommy could see his big dick. It’s gotten so big lately! While I play with my tits, pussy and ass I want you to stroke your dick for mommy. Once my panties were off I got out my really big toy and stuck it to the floor. I then slid my pussy down on the big cock and fucked it real good while my son watched. I could see the precum on his dick. I then sucked and stroked my son’s dick until he let out a huge load right into my mouth. I swallowed the entire thing!

0:11:55 | 1920×1080 | mp4 | 268Mb

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