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Clips4Sale – Kimmy Granger – Watching Porn with Sister III

Clips4Sale – Kimmy Granger – Watching Porn with Sister III
Includes: Kimmy Granger, and her brother Chad White, creampie

Meet my brother, Chad, he’s very popular at school. All my girlfriends gush about how hot he is and how they would love to be his girlfriend. I’ve never thought about my brother as hot, but seeing these girls fawn over him so much makes me feel a little weird, a little protective. Sexuality is a funny thing, isn’t it? I’m attracted to guys that look like my brother even though I think my brother is quite possibly the most annoying guy on the planet. I’ll watch him sometimes and squint my eyes to pretend he is a different guy. Why do girls like guys that look like him, he’s sexy in a stereotypical sort of way, the Clark Kent jaw, the buzzed hair, big muscles, tan skin, and boyish expressions on his masculine face. I wonder what a guy that looks like him would want from a girl? Would a guy like him want a girl like me? Ugh, guys are so mysterious, but I want to learn more about them. I steal his iPhone sometimes to do research, and I’ve found we have a common interest.. porn.

I watched my first porn on his phone, the little screen is so hard to see the details so I transferred the files to my iPad, and oh– so exciting to see real women and men have sex, but I quickly learned what I was into and what I wasn’t into. I saw my first porn just two weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I found myself drawn to websites that feature stories with their porn. I’m totally in love with one company, in particular, who sets the actors on many different adventures before the sex happens, the actors’ show a sliver of their real personality through their lines, and it feels so real. I think about the porn that my brother had saved on his phone and feel sorry for him in a way, he doesn’t get to experience the eroticism of these beautiful stories. I found the perfect opportunity to show him my new passion, and of course, he is resistant, but I am a very persuasive girl.

Watch the story unfold..
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