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Clips4Sale – Tammie Madison – Weekly Chores Creampie for Mommy

Clips4Sale – Tammie Madison – Weekly Chores Creampie for Mommy
A non-exclusive custom request to feature, a boy-girl scene with Tammie playing mommy. The theme is mom and son have casual sex, whilst mommy ask son about his day. Mommy wants to know that he has completed all his chores, all except his final one, cumming in mommy.

For this taboo creampie scene, Your mommy, Tammie is in the kitchen, by the stove, prepping your dinner. She looks so prim and proper in her bodysuit, skirt, and apron. As mommy chops the vegetables, she asks you about your day, checking you have completed your chores, as she casually tells you about her plans for the week ahead. Mommy does not even flinch as you reach out and start to caress her breasts. In fact, when you try to grab her ass, mommy spreads her legs and hitches up her skirt for you. She snaps open her body stocking saying, "This might help", as she provides you with access. As mommy casually discusses her yoga class, your fingers slide into her from behind. You finger fuck her vigorously as she tells you about the drinks night she has planned with the girls.

When you push her down to her kness by her head, Mommy is nonchalant, taking hold of your cock and sucking, asking, "Does this feel good?" Of course, you and her both know, you still have one more chore to complete, you still need to give mommy her creampie.
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